3 Reasons to Lift Sinking Concrete

Tuesday, May 26th, 2020 by Amanda Waldmann

3 Reasons to Lift Sinking Concrete - Image 1


Last week, we talked about how rain can affect your concrete, but you still might not think it’s a big deal. Here are three reasons to lift your sinking concrete. 


1 - It’s a safety hazard 


Concrete slabs rarely sink at the same rate, which means you end up with a bunch of uneven, jutting slabs and ledges that you have to navigate around. First off, these are a trip hazard for everyone from trick or treaters to the UPS guy, and you could be held liable for injuries. Second, in severe driveway cases you’ll see basically a cliff from the driveway to the garage - a huge drop when backing out, but a huge shelf to get over when trying to pull in. This can damage your car tires. Third, even without the threat of damage or lawsuits...aren’t you tired of tripping? Imagine a day where you don’t have to remember the wonky part of the sidewalk, where you don’t have to sidestep or risk jamming a toe. Imagine if it were just easy. You deserve easy. 


2 - It’s an eyesore 


Do you own a business with out-of-shape sidewalks? Hope you don’t rely on foot traffic. Maybe you’re thinking of listing your house, uneven driveway and all? Get ready to lose the interest of half your prospective buyer pool before they get in the front door. Sinking sidewalks hint at general disrepair, lowering trust in your business and making prospective homebuyers suspicious of what else has been neglected in and around the home. Even if you don’t own a business or plan on selling your home, no one wants to live in the dilapidated house on the block - having your concrete raised will restore pride in your home and give you a nice yard to look out on. 


3 - It’s expensive to replace 


If you wait too long, sinking slabs become broken slabs, often crumbled beyond any kind of repair. While lifting concrete is relatively inexpensive, quick, and minimally invasive, replacing it entirely is a long, costly process that will put your driveway and/or sidewalks totally out of commission until everything is complete. This can be a matter of days or even weeks depending on where you fall in the schedule, but at minimum concrete takes a few days to cure. It’s the difference between replacing the HVAC filter and replacing the entire system when the motor burns out from running on a dirty filter. Which would you rather deal with? 

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