The True Cost of a Wet Basement

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2020 by Amanda Waldmann

The True Cost of a Wet Basement - Image 1

When someone calls us for a free inspection, it’s usually because there’s a noticeable problem that has started to affect daily life. Often it’s someone with an active water problem - water coming in through the floor or walls and collecting. Despite the problem, one of the most common reasons for deciding not to move forward with repairs is, “It costs too much.”


Now, it’s true that our solutions aren’t free, and depending on how bad the situation is, they can be pricey. But let’s look at the cost of just keeping a wet basement. Let’s start with the things you’ll buy.


  • Shop vac (vacuum up incoming water - they’re prone to burnout from constant use, plan on at least one a year)
  • Heavy duty, airtight plastic totes (protect valuables from water and hopefully mold)
  • Towels (from that first, unexpected flood that you had to try and dry everything up)
  • Giant fans (they don’t do much, but you’re going to try at least once)
  • Plastic shelving units (you’ll need somewhere to get things off the ground)


Overall, that’s not TOO bad, right? It’s money you didn’t want to spend, but it’s certainly less than what you’d spend on a construction project. But what you’ll spend above is only part of it. Here’s the true cost.


  • Time. To truly stay ahead of the water, you’ll need to patrol in shifts with any other adults in your home, making sure no water is coming in, or using the shop vac when it is.
  • Sleep. That patrolling includes nights. It really likes to rain at night around here, which means you’re losing sleep while you vacuum water up in the basement.
  • Space. Was there a rec room in the basement for the kids? Maybe a guest room for holiday visitors? They’re upstairs now!
  • Memories. After the first big flood you’ll probably get most of the important stuff into plastic tubs or upstairs. But what do you lose in that first flood? Important paperwork? Old scrapbooks and photo albums?
  • Sanity. You’re constantly paranoid about the weather because rain means flooding. You’re getting less sleep and snapping at your partner, your coworkers, your kids. You’re frustrated by what you’ve lost and also by the loss of space downstairs. 
  • Money. I’m sorry to break this to you, but even if you don’t get the repairs done, you’re going to pay for them. It’ll be in the form of selling price for your home when you move, because the new buyer will get an inspection. Or maybe there won’t be a buyer because the wet smell and water damage in the basement is turning them away, so you have to keep lowering the price. 


Committing to home projects and repairs can be very scary; but that’s why we’re here to help you. When you install a waterproofing system in your basement, yes, you spend money. But you also get your life back - no worrying about the weather forecast, no sleepless nights with a shop vac, and no Aunt Edna sleeping on your couch at Thanksgiving. Getting the repairs done now means you get to enjoy the results and also helps maintain the value of your home.


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