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Get Your Driveway in Shape with the Concrete Protection System

Get Your Driveway in Shape with the Concrete Protection System - Image 1

We rely an awful lot on concrete considering how easily it can be damaged. Much of this damage is caused by water, which, if you look at a weather report (or just look out the window) we’ve had plenty of over the past few weeks, with more on the way.


One of the most vulnerable areas of concrete in and around your home is your driveway. It’s usually unprotected from the elements and has to bear the weight of vehicles. Soil can erode, especially in rainy conditions, leaving the concrete slabs that make up a driveway unsupported. Over time, these slabs sink, shift apart, and even erode due to rain and chemicals.


That’s why we offer a 3 step concrete protection system to raise, stabilize, and seal your driveway to keep it looking and working like new for years to come. Here’s how each step works:


Step 1: SealantPro

Everything from car leaks to road salt can do damage to your driveway, leaving it stained and pitted and at risk for further decay. SealantPro bonds with the concrete to, well, seal it (hence the name). It’s UV resistant, which means it won’t discolor over time, and in addition to extending the life of your concrete, it also makes it easier to clean and de-ice.


Step 2: PolyLevel


When driveway slabs sink, they can be a nuisance or even a safety issue. Those exposed slab edges are a trip hazard but can also take out a bike or car tire. If slabs sink toward the house, they can also route water to your foundation and cause further problems.


Traditional mudjacking fails to lift the slabs because the heavy slurry contains (say it with me now) mud - which is what washed out in the first place, so it will wash out again. In addition to being unreliable over time, it also takes a long time to cure, which means you can’t use your driveway.


PolyLevel, on the other hand, is lightweight - so it doesn’t add weight on already unstable soil - and cures in under an hour. It’s also waterproof, so it won’t wash out, and doesn’t degrade. It also installs with very minimal disruption to the concrete (injection ports are about the size of a dime). PolyLevel involves minimal downtime, minimal disruption, and provides long lasting results.


Step 3: NexusPro


There’s a good chance that if you have sinking concrete, you can see crumbling joint sealer in between the slabs. Once your slabs are raised and sealed, it’s time to repair the joints and cracks. It’s important to seal concrete joints and any cracks that may have formed to prevent water and debris from degrading the slab from below.

NexusPro, unlike standard polyurethane fillers, is silicone-based and specifically designed to withstand harsh weather and remain flexible. It’s also UV resistant and won’t crack, bubble, or dry out. Like PolyLevel, its drying time is a fraction of other sealants - it dries in about an hour.


Why you need the total concrete protection system


The time for short-term, mediocre solutions has passed. Why spend money on something that will only work for a little while and then put you back in the same position or worse when you can solve your problems not only permanently, but more conveniently? Call today to schedule a free inspection.


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