Opening Your Cottage for the Summer

Monday, April 8th, 2019 by Amanda Waldmann

Opening Your Cottage for the Summer - Image 1


Once April hits, the reality of everything you want to get done before summer comes on quickly. For many Michiganders, this includes getting the lake house or cottage ready so you don’t have to spend Memorial Day weekend cleaning it and lose precious vacation time.


While a cottage has many benefits, one huge problem is that for most of the year, you’re not there. It’s easy to forget about, especially if it’s far away. You might not pay attention to the weather up north, or on the west side of the state, if you don’t live there. Which means come April, you might not know what’s waiting for you when you go to open it up for the summer.


Here’s what could be waiting if your crawl space isn’t encapsulated:



Being near a lake means that you naturally have a higher water table to contend with. As snow melts and spring rains come, soil gets oversaturated and water will move to the place of least resistance - which might be through your concrete foundation walls and up through the dirt floor.



With standing or ambient moisture comes mold. In order to grow and thrive, mold needs moisture and a food source. Wooden beams or the paper backing on fiberglass insulation both fit the bill for food, and we just talked about water, so mold can basically grow unchecked.



If you have a house near a lake, you know the smell. Musty, rancid air comes up from your crawl space through gaps in the joists and permeates everything in your house.



Everything from bugs to raccoons can take up residence in your crawl space as it tries to escape the harsh winter temperatures and storms.


Here’s what could be waiting if your crawl space is encapsulated:


Free Time

Encapsulation protects your crawl space from the elements, and protects your home from the crawl space. This means less dirt and dust circulating into the house, which means less time needed for the spring clean.



You don’t need to worry about what the weather is doing hundreds of miles away. You don’t need to spend your first day back at the cottage calling contractors to deal with your flooded crawl space. You can spend your hard earned money on one of those giant floating swans and not an exterminator to deal with your new cricket infestation.



No weird smells, no cold floors, no mold-induced sneezing. Just your home, your family, and your summer weekends.


Encapsulating your crawl space and installing a dehumidifier can eliminate problems caused by moisture and make sure you’re enjoying your home how it was meant to be. Call today to schedule your free inspection and take advantage of your summer home.


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