DIY Waterproofing

Wednesday, March 6th, 2019 by Amanda Waldmann

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The focus of this blog is often on problems you may encounter in your home, and how we can solve them. But today, we’re going to talk about water issues that YOU can solve yourself! While our inspections and estimates are free and you’re under no obligation to us, sometimes you may have an inkling of what the problem is and just want to try to fix it on your own.


Extend your downspouts

If you’ve noticed water pooling around your foundation when it rains, your downspouts could be to blame. When a home is built, the downspouts often end close to the house, which causes water to stay right there as it exits. Extending downspouts is cheap and easy - the materials can be found at most hardware or home improvement stores - and moving the water further away from your home can prevent it from leaking in through the foundation. (And while you're dealing with your downspouts, make sure your gutters are clear!)


Look at your lawn grading

Regrading your lawn is another weekend project that can pay off. If your yard slopes down toward your home, it means water is likely being directed right to your foundation. But a free day, some topsoil, and a rake allows you add dirt to the low points and channel water back away from your foundation.


Check your seals

In some cases, water coming in from around a basement window could be a matter of insufficient or broken caulking around the window frame. Check for holes or cracks and fill in any weak areas, then see if the problem continues.


Call us

If your downspouts are fine, your grading is good, and your windows are sealed, and you’re still having water problems - or if you try any of the above and the problem persists - it’s time to call in an expert. There are so many potential issues that you just can’t fix on your own, and we don’t want you to waste time and money on something that won’t work, and could even make the problem worse.


We offer a free inspection and estimate and will walk you through exactly what’s going on in your home and how we can fix it to prevent any problems down the road. Call today and get ahead of the spring rain.


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