New Year, New Home?

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2019 by Amanda Waldmann

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Judging by the number of people (including myself) that I saw at the gym yesterday, New Year’s resolutions are off to a great start. Maybe this is the year that you run a marathon, or learn to play the harmonica, or start each day with a smoothie full of things you don’t want to eat. Yes, all of these are resolutions I have made, and failed to keep, in the past.


Or maybe this is the year you turned your resolutions inward. Maybe you want to spend more quality time with your family. Or start a family. Or turn one of your passions into a side business.


No matter what your resolutions are, they start at home. And every minute spent dealing with problems in your home - or ignoring them - is a minute that takes away from your home’s, and your, potential.


With a wet basement, you lose sleep because of the upkeep. You lose potential space for a home gym, or a playroom, or a craft room or new home office. You lose the serenity that comes with a clean, comfortable home. This can lead to stress and anxiety, and bad moods that affect your relationships at home and work. Your basement is just another thing to deal with. It's a hindrance.


Once your basement is waterproofed, the possibilities are endless. In addition to peace of mind, you get:


  1. More living space. A waterproofed basement can be finished to your liking. Create a home theater or a rec room to meet your needs. Expanding your family? Add an egress window and you can put a bedroom down there. Add a bathroom and you have a suite for in-laws or guests. A playroom, a dance or music studio, a man cave - it's all up to you.

  2. Room to work. Thinking of turning your craft hobby into a business? Working from home more? Put an office down there to give yourself space without taking away from your existing home. Would you rather work out than work? Think of how nice it would be to have a gym right down the stairs.

  3. Less clutter. Even if you don’t want to finish your basement - at least not right now - having it waterproofed gives you the ability to store your important possessions without worrying about flooding. This frees up space upstairs. Maybe you could start using that coat closet for actual coats (don’t feel bad, we all have THE CLOSET).


The New Year is a great time to make resolutions for yourself. But this year, make some for your home as well. Make it larger, more comfortable, and more efficient. Make it a space that you not only live, but you love. The opportunities of a waterproofed basement will last long after the daily smoothie.


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