Escape the Wet Basement Time Suck

Wednesday, December 19th, 2018 by Amanda Waldmann

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Does it seem like time is short these days? Between the days being literally shorter (although that changes at the end of the week) and the chaos of the holidays, it might seem like you can’t catch a minute to breathe.

If you’re experiencing any issues with your home, this can be even worse. Many people think that the arrival of winter puts an end to basement water problems for a few months, but that isn’t quite the case. Look outside - temperatures are fluctuating and it’s even supposed to rain this week. Unless another polar vortex arrives and sends us into a deep freeze, we’ll likely see a few thawing cycles throughout the winter, so there really won’t be a break.


While we talk a lot about protecting your home, we also want to protect YOU - your time, your possessions, and your sanity - and part of that is breaking the cycle of the wet basement time suck. Here’s how much time you could really be spending.


6:00am: You get up and run down to the basement to get a shirt out of the dryer for work. Except your bare foot meets a puddle. It’s happening again. You drag out the wet vac and do a quick clean-up (15 minutes).


7:30am: You check the basement before leaving for work and there’s a little water has already come back. You make a note to run home at lunch.


12:00pm: The water is in high gear, so you spend even more time with the wet vac (30 minutes). The boxes in the corner are wet, so you try to stack those with the least important ones on the bottom. You don’t NEED to keep tax returns for seven years, right? (15 minutes).


4:00pm: Another round with the wet vac, moving the boxes to a different spot to see if that protects them. The last time you went upstairs you tracked wet, dirty footprints across the carpet so now you’ve created a sort of “the floor is lava” path with some tarps and old cardboard. It...isn’t working (60 minutes).


Now, everyone is home and the kids need eyes on them so they don’t butter the dog again. The water also seems to be reappearing at a decent clip, and you don’t remember everything in those boxes but it’s probably all important, so you and your partner alternate ducking downstairs every hour to do upkeep vacuuming (10 minutes x 5).


Finally, it’s bedtime! Much needed rest! Except you’re just thinking about the basement flooding overnight because it’s doing that “wintry mix” thing outside, which means more rain. So you keep alternating trips downstairs every two hours - you haven’t gotten up this many times during the night since you had a newborn, and it’s not a fun throwback (15 minutes x 5).


So, it’s been a day since the initial splash, and you’ve spent about 3 ½ hours dealing with your basement, missed eating lunch, lost some paperwork to the water, and spiraled into Googling things like “WHY BASEMENT WET.” You look a little like a Walking Dead extra.

8:00am: You ask your coworkers if they have any advice, and one of them tells you to call Ayers. It takes about 5 minutes to set up an appointment.


We’ll take it from here.


Time - with your family, and with yourself - is precious and difficult to come by. Don’t give another minute up to your wet basement. Call us to schedule your free estimate.


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