The Snow Shovel Shuffle

Monday, November 19th, 2018 by Amanda Waldmann

The Snow Shovel Shuffle - Image 1


Now that winter is officially - as confirmed by me sliding through an intersection last week - here, you might think that you can stop caring about your sidewalk and driveway. After all, they’re covered in snow, and out of sight, out of mind, right?


Not so much.


As snow looms in the forecast, you’ll be spending more time outside shoveling it off of walkways. And anyone who’s ever shoveled snow before knows there’s nothing worse than that CLANG that happens when you slam your shovel into an unexpected raised concrete edge. It reverberates up your body like a thousand funny bones. And it’s worse because, with a sidewalk covered in snow, you don’t see it coming.


Uneven concrete slabs make shoveling snow even more of a chore. Maybe you’ll get the dreaded CLANG, or maybe you’ll trip and faceplant into some snow. The possibilities are endless. And with visitors, delivery drivers, and wayward carolers in full swing for the next six weeks, you also have to worry about liability if someone falls and gets injured.


Whether it’s one slab in a sidewalk or half of your driveway, our PolyLevel system can help. The patented PolyLevel polymer is lightweight and quick acting, meaning it provides substantial support without putting even more pressure on unstable soil, and the downtime between injection and use is minimal (under an hour). PolyLevel, unlike mudjacking, won’t wash out in the presence of water, and provides a greater lift to the concrete.


In addition to the slabs that make up sidewalks and driveways, PolyLevel can be used to raise and stabilize concrete steps, garage floors, and even pool decks, among many other things. And as a part of our Concrete Protection System, which also includes SealantPro sealant and NexusPro joint and crack filler, PolyLevel can stabilize and protect your concrete for years to come.


Don’t spend another winter dealing with hidden hazards. Call us today to schedule your free inspection and estimate.

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