Whats Wrong With Your Crawl Space Insulation

Sunday, November 18th, 2018 by Ben Faupel

Have you ever seen that nasty yellow or pink insulation hanging from a basement or crawlspace ceiling? Well that gross insulation doesn't really do its job in your crawlspace or basement.  That fiberglass insulation is meant to be held together in between walls, not open to directly interact with water and other debris. 

Whats Wrong With Your Crawl Space Insulation - Image 1


 Putting this insulation in your crawlspace is the equivalent of hammering a nail in with a wrench. It's close, but its not the way its supposed to be done. Now the question is, whats the RIGHT way to insulate your crawlspace?


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 At Ayers Basement Systems, we have the most up to date and advanced technologies to keep your home safe, and clean. Our favorite product that we use to insulate crawlspaces is called CleanSpace. 


Whats Wrong With Your Crawl Space Insulation - Image 3


CleanSpace is fantastic at insulating crawlspaces from the outside environment. I like to describe them as a 20 mil thick plastic liner that fits to the crawl space to completely seal the home from the earth. Polyester cord reinforcement allows for a lot of durability, to make it last longer than the home will. This liner also contains an antimicrobial additive to prevent mold. It will transform any home in three ways

1.) Visually

Nobody likes the look of a dirt filled crawlspace with water stains and cobwebs everywhere. But with CleanSpace, any crawlspace looks so much cleaner and less scary than an old, dark, crawlspace.

2.) Financially

Whether you know it or not, how well your crawlspace is insulated effects your energy bill greatly each month ( read more about that here). The  better that your crawlspace is insulated, the more that you'll save on your energy bill.

3.) Safety

The air that is in your crawlspace is in the air that you breathe in whenever you are at home. So, it is important to make sure that you aren't allowing any moisture into your crawlspace to make the whole household sick, (read more about this issue here)


If you're interested in a free estimate, and CleanSpace in your home, give us a call today. More pictures on the power of CleanSpace can be found here.

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