Fix It to List It: Basement

Thursday, November 8th, 2018 by Amanda Waldmann

My husband and I are going to start looking for a house in the spring, and I can already tell I’m going to be an absolute monster about it. Because I know what problems could be lurking in the basement.


Part of my job is creating content for the website so we can show customer and potential customers what we do and how we can help them with their home’s problems. That means I look at photos from all of the homes we work in, and see all of the problems that homeowners have. Including the new homeowners who bought a home without knowing it had water problems in the basement.


It also means that I see the stories from people trying to sell their homes, but losing offers because of the condition of the basement. Either prospective buyers are turned off right away when they experience “the smell” - if you’ve ever had a west basement, you know what I mean - or they try to make a low-ball offer in negotiations because of the perceived amount of work and hassle.


You can sell a house with a wet basement. But it will likely take longer to sell, and you’ll probably sell it for less than you wanted.




You can get the problems in your basement taken care of before you list your home, and avoid the hesitation, the haggling, and the hassle.


Installing a waterproofing system in your home before selling doesn’t just provide buyers with a dry basement. It gives them peace of mind. Not only is it a top of the line system designed with that particular home in mind, but our warranties are transferable. Which means when they buy the home, they become our customer and are afforded all of the conveniences and protections we offer.


Installing a waterproofing system in your home before selling also creates trust with buyers because it shows that you care about the home and are paying attention to problems. If a buyer walks into a house with a wet basement, they may wonder what else the seller is ignoring or even hiding. But a dry, clean, odor-less basement with a waterproofing system? That gives them confidence and eases some of the stress of the process.


You’re going to have to pay to fix your basement. It’s your choice whether you do it by calling us before listing, or by accepting a lower offer on your home. Make it easy on yourself - call today to schedule your free inspection.


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