Cut the Cleaning Time - Encapsulate Your Crawl Space!

Monday, October 29th, 2018 by Amanda Waldmann

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We’ve covered your health, your energy bills, even your desire to not harbor a bunch of spiders. But let’s talk about the most important reason to encapsulate your crawl space: cleaning.


See, when your crawl space is exposed to the dirt floor and open air, it stays, well, dirty. HVAC systems are often located in the crawl space, so it’s easy for dirt and dust to make their way up through the ducts and into your home. And suddenly it feels like you’re constantly cleaning.


First, you dust the shelves and ceiling fan. Then, you sweep up the cat hair dust bunnies and vacuum. Then you re-dust from everything the vacuum kicked up. Only for everything to feel grimy again the next day.


It’s difficult to make your home feel truly clean in the winter, since it’s too cold to open the windows for fresh air and the heater constantly running can make everything feel dry and dusty. A dirty crawl space only adds to that feeling, bringing both unpleasant smells and dirt into the house.


CleanSpace crawl space encapsulation eliminates that dirt entry point. By sealing off your crawl space from the dirt floor, we create a clean, dry space in the crawl space. This means there’s no way for the dirt to get into your HVAC system, which means less dirt upstairs and less time cleaning.


In addition to vapor barrier encapsulation, we can install crawl space vent covers and even new access doors to truly seal the crawl space. The addition of a SaniDry dehumidifier also keeps moisture levels down and everything smelling fresh.


Winter is bad enough and being cooped up inside can get old; don’t make it worse for yourself by having to dedicate all of your time to cleaning. Call today to schedule your free inspection and free up your winter.


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