Beating the Effects of Power Outages with a Kohler Standby Generator

Thursday, February 16th, 2017 by Amanda Waldmann

Beating the Effects of Power Outages with a Kohler Standby Generator - Image 1

If you live in Michigan, you’ve probably experienced a power outage. Between brutal winters and those weeks in August where the heat is comparable to the surface of the sun, it’s not uncommon to lose power for a few hours.

But what happens when power outages last a few days? Or weeks? Electricity is one of those things that many people take for granted, but it’s actually a fragile thing. Everything from heat to rain to wayward squirrels can cause a power outage, and restoration is at the mercy of too many factors for you to not have a backup plan.

It starts with small things, like the food in your refrigerator and freezer. If you don’t open the doors AT ALL, the refrigerator will keep food cold for about 4 hours, and a full freezer will maintain temperature for about 48 hours. Anything past that is unsafe for items like meat and dairy. So you’re going to lose your food.

Next, your water. Whether you’re on a well (which usually has an electric pump) or city water (which has pumps at the plant, but also hopefully has a generator), you’re going to need to drastically reduce water use or even cut it off altogether. And hot water? Haha, nope. Short, cold showers only.

Unless you have a car charger, your portable electronics only have one battery cycle before they’re out of commission. That means that without a landline (which fewer people have every year), your ability to call anyone is limited. In the event of a snowstorm, you could be completely isolated. Not to mention bored without unlimited access to Candy Crush.

The possibilities for inconvenience and even danger are endless - and expensive. At best, you’re paying to eat out every day (assuming you can get out and there are places nearby with power), at worst you’re packing your family up and moving into a hotel until power is restored. Do you have that level of slush fund saved up?

Now think of a world where the power going out is nothing more than a momentary startle before it kicks back on, courtesy of your Kohler standby generator. Your refrigerator? Safe and running, as is your stove for easy cooking. HVAC? Keeping you cool, or warm, depending on the time of year. TV? Ready to roll for a binge watch of whatever show you’re obsessed with these days.

Beating the Effects of Power Outages with a Kohler Standby Generator - Image 2

Kohler generators are the best in the business. They’re fine-tuned to prevent power surges at the start and stop that could hurt your appliances (if you’ve ever connected a generator to a TV and fried it, you know exactly what I mean), they can be tied directly into the natural gas line to your home, and oh, they’re 100% American-made.

Installing a permanent standby generator in your home means the end of worrying. Worrying about your sump pump failing in a storm, about your food going bad, about keeping your family warm - or cool - until the power comes back on. Because a generator means the power never goes out.

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