What Does a Basement Waterproofing Warranty Include?

Friday, April 4th, 2014 by Virgil Ayers

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Q: These days, almost all waterproofing companies promise lifetime warranties. But they all can’t be the same, can they?

A: Just like any company that provides warranties for their products or services, waterproofers can only uphold their end of the deal as long as they continue their operation.

It’s unfortunate to see a business that can no longer support the needs of its customers or provide them with guidance for unforeseen problems. Hydroflo, Dry Duck, Desert Dry, and Michigan Basements are just a few of the waterproofing companies that once offered a lifetime guarantee, but eventually went out of business.

Ayers Basement Systems has been in business since 1981, and has been continuously growing. Although Virgil Ayers was originally a sole proprietor, the company now has additional owners, a professional management team and a succession plan. What does all this mean? When Vigil retires, the business will continue to thrive.

Basement waterproofing is competitive, and that has pushed innovation and service to new levels.  Ayers Basement Systems benefits from the experience and expertise of more than 300 Basement Systems dealers around the country. By working together and exchanging ideas, this dealer group is continually improving its products and services. Basement Systems holds more than 27 patents and has a full-time research and development team that works to continually improve our products.

So the answer to the question is no, not all warranties are the same. Ayers Basement Systems has the backing of an international dealer network that will honor our warranty in the unlikely event that we ever go out of business. In addition, we stand ready to help our former competitors’ customers who have issues in their homes and were left with a useless warranty.

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