Ayers Basement Systems Case Studies: Reviving Cold and Damp Meridian Charter, MI Crawl Space

Thursday, May 25th, 2017 by Brittany Gutman


This 1950’s Meridian Charter crawl space had block wall foundation and a dirt floor that was causing many problems for these homeowners. The first problem was with the porous cement block walls and exposed dirt floor that allowed moisture to easily access the space. During times of heavy rainfall, especially when the gutters were flooded, water was able to enter the crawl space. The entryway to the space is located inside of the home, allowing the damp air to maneuver its way into other areas of the home. The second problem was that the crawl space was not insulated, creating cold temperatures in the home during the winter months.


The first thing we needed to deal with during this job was to insulate the space. To do this, we installed SilverGlo wall panels that work as both a vapor barrier and a radiant heat barrier. SilverGlo is a great economic solution for any homeowner because it helps to lower energy bills due to its ability to reflect heat back into the space. The material is mold and rot resistant and will direct any incoming water to the drainage system and sump pump. FrothPak spray foam was also installed to insulate the space. This foam does not absorb moisture like other traditional insulations and is made of inorganic materials that prevent mold and rot growth. 

Next we installed drainage matting that has a dimpled surface that allows water to easily flow to the sump pump. This matting was installed underneath the CleanSpace liner to ensure water can still easily drain. CleanSpace was installed over the drainage matting on the floor and on the walls of the crawl space. The waterproof liner prevents water and water vapor from entering and the material is durable and fastened to the walls so it will stay in place and the homeowners wont have to worry about destroying it. 

Project Summary

Products Installed: CleanScape, FrothPak, SilverGlo, Drainage Matting

Project Foreman: Nick Wolf

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