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Kent's Basement & Foundation Experts

Ayers Basement Systems has been serving homeowners in Kent for over 30 years now. From basement waterproofing to foundation repair we are your trusted home experts. Along with the years of experience we also have exclusive access to over 25 patented products for your home. Give us a call to get started. 

Foundation Repair & Concrete Leveling

If your foundation is giving you problems we can have one of our specialists inspect your home to identify the best, permanent solution. The foundation products we install come with a 25 year warranty. 

Repairs for:
  • Wall Cracks
  • Bowing Walls
  • Uneven Floors
  • Settling Foundations
  • Uneven Concrete Slabs       
We Use: 
  • Wall Anchors
  • I-Beam Wall Braces
  • Foundation & Slab Piers
  • Crawl Space Jack Posts
  • PolyLEVEL 

Inside and outside your home we can also lift concrete slabs. Lifting the slab fixes hazardous cracks in your driveway, patio, etc. and is much cheaper than replacement services. We use PolyLEVEL which is a lighter, less invasive method compared to traditional mudjacking.

Basement Waterproofing & Crawl Space Repair

For basements and crawl spaces we provide waterproofing & encapsulation services. These waterproofing systems include interior drainage systems connected to a high capacity sump pump. That along with an energy-efficient dehumidifier will keep your home protected from mold and rot. We should probably also mention the system comes with a written lifetime warranty.

We Provide:
You Receive:
  • Permanently Dry Basement
  • Clean Protected Crawlspace
  • Protection against Mold
  • Improved Home Value

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Before and After Pictures from Kent County


CleanSpace Covers & Seals Dirt Floors in Grand Rapids, MI Crawl Space

Tom and Sally had recently purchased a rental property and were looking to waterproof the basement. The couple previously had work done by Ayers and were thoroughly impressed, so they decided to call again! Ayers determined from an inspection that water was seeping through the foundation and draining incorrectly. Thus, the team suggested installing CleanSpace and Drainage Matting. Tom and Sally were more than happy with the Install as not only did the basement look better, but it was, more importantly, waterproofed!


PowerBrace System Restored Failing Wall in Ada, MI

Brandyn D. had bowed block foundation walls in his basement that allowed moisture and water to seep in through the cracks. This led to mold issues in the basement and the homeowner was looking for a reliable solution. To stabilize the bowed walls and prevent them from shifting or cracking any further, we installed the PowerBrace system. This system held the wall in place and can potentially shift it back to its proper position over time. The steel braces were installed in the floor at the base of the wall and then attached to the joists above the wall. After being secured into place with steel brackets, the beams acted as a brace on the wall to prevent it from shifting out of place. Like dental braces, these braces can pull the wall back to its preferred position.


Ada, MI Basement with Failing Walls

We received a call from a customer in Ada, Michigan in regards to their basement walls. We then drove out to their home to give them a free estimate. We noticed that the basement walls were beginning to fail. So, we installed our PowerBrace system. PowerBrace is an adjustable vertical beam used to help correct uneven foundation. The PowerBrace is placed up against the walls. Foreman will come in and tighten them over time in homes. The Power Brace is much better than I-Beam styles because it continuously improves the wall. So now this homeowner will no longer have to worry about unsafe foundation any longer.

Case Studies From Kent County

PolyLevel Injection in Grand Rapids, MI


A couple recently came to us with the complaint that their driveway had sunken in some spots and was causing puddling near their garage. When we...

Foundation Miracle Saves Sinking Garage in Grand Rapids, MI


The two-story garage in this home had settled over the years, and the owners sought a draingage solution upstairs to eliminate the puddles that...

Piering and PolyLEVEL Restore Grand Rapids, MI Porch


Sometimes a crack is more than a crack. The customers called us when their porch cracked down the middle, thinking it might be a candidate for...