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Basement Waterproofing and Structural Solutions

When Ayers Basement Systems of MI & IN opened their doors in 1981, we wanted to provide the Okemos area with expert home repair and structural solutions that were guaranteed to keep their homes safe. For over 40 years, our goals haven't changed and our commitment to improving our friends and neighbors' homes has only increased, with services like basement waterproofing, concrete leveling, foundation and crawl space repair.

We provide repair solutions to your:

  • Wet basements
  • Bowed foundation walls
  • Sinking, unlevelled concrete
  • Damaged and exposed crawl spaces

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Okemos, MI & IN's Basement Waterproofers

Mold growth, visible basement cracks, musty smells as well as wet basement walls and floors are just some of the ways your Okemos, MI home is affected by a leaky basement. If allowed to persist, these issues can go on to lower your home's image and value as well as cause health complications, like increased asthma and allergy symptoms.

We at Ayers Basement Systems of MI & IN believe in restoring your home, so we repair and protect your basement from moisture damage.

Basement waterproofing services we offer:

  • Foundation waterproofing
  • Basement leak repair
  • Humidity control

The only thing that matches our top-notch craftsmanship is our unbeatable products from Basement Systems, that are backed by a written warranty and are trusted by hundreds of dealers across the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Our basement waterproofing products include drainage systems, sump pumps, wall coverings, waterproof basement flooring options, basement dehumidifiers, replacement windows, water heater flood protection and other products.

Foundation Repair Contractors of Michigan

A house without a secure foundation is a house that is vulnerable to further damage. Deep cracks, bowing basement walls, slanted window and door frames are just some of the signs your Okemos, MI home has a damaged foundation. With over three decades of foundation experience, we at Ayers Basement Systems can carefully assess and repair your foundation issues!

Our foundation repair services include:

  • Foundation cracks
  • Bowing basement walls
  • Sinking basement floors
  • Settling foundations
  • Uneven concrete slabs

Our foundation repair solutions cannot be beaten, especially when combined with our exclusive Supportworks product line, which includes items like foundation pier systems, foundation wall repair solutions, crawl space support posts and spray concrete. All our products are tested and proven effective by the geotechnical and structural engineers at Supportworks and are guaranteed to be lasting and durable in your foundation repair!

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Okemos' Crawl Space Repair and Encapsulation Solutions

A quality crawl space repair and encapsulation is just one phone call away! We at Ayers Basement Systems of MI & IN know what to look for when assessing an impaired crawl space, such as musty odors, drywall cracks and uneven floors. We correct those issues and ensure your crawl space is protected from further damage.

Crawl space solutions we offer:

  • Cleanspace vapor barrier system
  • Thermal insulation
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Structural repair services
  • Crawl space winterization

Our superior craftsmanship is backed by our high-quality basement systems product line and will help your crawl space repair be a success, restoring your home's image, value and security for years to come!

Concrete Leveling Services: PolyLevel®® and Mud Jacking

Sinking driveways, steps, walkways, garage floors and more do more than just lower your home's appearance and property value -- sunken concrete surfaces can also create a falling hazard for your family and house guests. The concrete leveling and lifting solutions from Ayers Basement Systems are simple, clean and effective!

We stand by our concrete leveling and lifting solutions, like PolyLevel®®: a simple, easy-to-install, fast-acting and incredibly durable polymer solution that doesn't wash or fade away.

How PolyLevel®® works:

  • One of our crew drills small holes into the concrete slab.
  • A polymer solution is injected into the empty space beneath.
  • The solution expands, filling the space & stabilizing the slab.

Have large concrete structures that are sinking? No problem. We also offer quality mud jacking and slab jacking services. We begin by pumping a mortar-based mixture of water, soil, sand and Portland cement is under the slab. As the mixture is pumped underneath, it fills the empty space, stabilizing the slab. As the mixture hardens into a solid it becomes more secure than soil and lighter than concrete.

A mud jacking can be incredibly durable when installed correctly. Many of our Michigan competitors just don't know how a mud jacking is done or what corresponding materials are needed, so when the job isn't done right, it won't last. Trust the experts at Ayers Basement Systems to help! Our structural experts know what your mud jacking calls for and how to make it last!

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Okemos' Basement Waterproofing, Concrete Leveling, Foundation & Crawl Space Repair Company

After devoting 40+ years to Okemos, Grand Rapids, Lansing, Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, Elkhart, Muskegon, South Bend, Jackson, Mount Pleasant, Traverse City and the surrounding areas, we are incredibly proud of the services that we have provided to our community -- quality basement waterproofing, concrete leveling and lifting, crawl space and foundation repair solutions that are innovative with state-of-the-art products.

We offer our Michigan customers advanced repair services, financing solutions as well as free written estimates and inspections!

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Before and After Pictures from Okemos


CleanSpace and SaniDry Dehumidifier Added to Crawlspace in Okemos, MI

This homeowner was experiencing musty smells throughout their home and mold in the basement. In addition to the Drainage Matting that allows water to flow freely to the sump pump, this homeowner added a CleanSpace vapor barrier and SaniDry dehumidifier to keep the moisture out and eliminate the mold and nasty smells. 


Egress Window Installation Eliminates Okemos, MI Basement Leak

The customer called us with a leaking wall crack in their basement. A FlexiSpan system took care of the crack itself, but the source of the problem was the basement window. We installed a new egress window that will eliminate the leak and any future cracks.


Downspout Extension Leads Water Away from Okemos, MI Home

This Okemos, MI homeowner was dealing with water build up near his window well. Whenever it rained, the yard would get very damp and threaten to leak into the basement, but the water wasn’t coming from where you’d think. Sure, it was rain water, but it was flowing from his gutter downspouts. The spouts had been installed at an angle on the side of the house that led straight into the soil. It was only a matter of time until that water started to look for another place to go, like the home’s foundation.

The homeowner wanted an extension that would lead the water to his front yard. Ever accommodating, the Ayers crew stepped in and drew out a plan for a downspout extension and front yard LawnScape outlet. The discharge line was placed below ground and then connected to the two downspouts on the home. Think of the after shot as more of a “pre-final touches picture.” The crew later replaced the excavated soil and thoroughly hid the discharge line.

This problem could have been a lot more severe. Overflowing gutter water can easily leak into basements and cause serious foundation problems. If you’re worried about keeping gutter water away from your foundation, then give us a call and find out if a gutter downspout extension is right for your home.

Case Studies From Okemos

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Work Requests From Okemos, MI
Project Location: Okemos, MI
We have an existing egress window that needs to be replaced.
Project Location: Okemos, MI
I'd like to install a back-up battery sump pump in addition to our existing pump. Additional information: Needs help with: Waterproofing
Project Location: Okemos, MI
We have a partial Michigan Basement that's leaking and musty
Project Location: Okemos, MI
Hi, I need an estimate on leveling a sinking garage floor.
Project Location: Okemos, MI
I want an egress window installed in one of my rooms in the basement. I have a cellar door already installed and want to get that replaced with a window.
Project Location: Okemos, MI
We have two windows in our basement that we would like to see if we could make egress windows.
Project Location: Okemos, MI
Basement waterproofing
Project Location: Okemos, MI
Egress window leaks on the outside during heavy rains (where the egress well meets the outside of my home's foundation).
Project Location: Okemos, MI
We discovered a wet corner in our basement, need to waterproof/fix the problem.
Project Location: Okemos, MI
Looking for concrete leveling at our home and basement leakage at my fathers home
Project Location: Okemos, MI
I would like to have an egress window installed in my basement to create another bedroom. I'm also looking to have a basement bathroom stubbed in, but i don't know if you do that work.
Project Location: Okemos, MI
Concrete stairs at front of house have a hole and needs fixing
Project Location: Okemos, MI
Egress window estimate.
Project Location: Okemos, MI
I had concrete poured last summer and now my concrete is pitting/flaking and looks terrible. I have tried to get my concrete guy to come out and he won't answer my call and I seriously doubt if he will fix it. I need help.
Project Location: Okemos, MI
Wet basement possibly from cracked foundation on NW corner of the house. Possibly window leaking or even eave underground drainage not working. McCardle will repair the finishes, but we need someone to inspect, quote, and fix any foundation problems.
Project Location: Okemos, MI
Looking to install an egress window in a basement room.
Project Location: Okemos, MI
Front porch lifting. You can check it out any time and send me an electronic quote. Thank you.
Project Location: Okemos, MI
Right-side of driveway is reel low
Project Location: Okemos, MI
I would like to have some egress windows installed in my new house.
Project Location: Okemos, MI
We recently bought a home that is on a basement, but the kitchen and family room are additions built over a crawl space. These rooms are much colder than the rest of the home. I am highly sensitive to chemicals, so we're looking for the best way to improve insulation without respiratory risks. We believe the CleanSpace system could help.