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For the past 30 years Ayers Basement Systems has been the trusted contractor in Muskegon County. We work in basement waterproofing, foundation repair & concrete lifting. Our team is dedicated to the highest quality work. Armed with years of experience and over 25 patented products we are the best choice for your home. 

Foundation Repair & Concrete Leveling

To start, our team will visit your home and identify the issue you are facing along with the best method to stabilize your settling foundation. We then quickly install the needed system that comes with a 25 year warranty.

Repairs for:
  • Wall Cracks
  • Bowing Walls
  • Uneven Floors
  • Settling Foundations
  • Uneven Concrete Slabs       
We Use: 
  • Wall Anchors
  • I-Beam Wall Braces
  • Foundation & Slab Piers
  • Crawl Space Jack Posts
  • PolyLEVEL 

Inside and outside your home we can also lift concrete slabs. Lifting the slab fixes hazardous cracks in your driveway, patio, etc. and is much cheaper than replacement services. We use PolyLEVEL which is a lighter, less invasive method compared to traditional mudjacking.

Basement Waterproofing & Crawl Space Repair

If there are water problems in your basement we can fix that. We install a warranted interior drainage system that pumps away water before you even notice it. Our system has a lifetime written warranty.

We Provide:
You Receive:
  • Permanently Dry Basement
  • Clean Protected Crawlspace
  • Protection against Mold
  • Improved Home Value

Similarly, we provide crawl space encapsulation services sealing off the bottom of your home from moisture and water damage. We also install a sump pump and energy-efficient dehumidifier to prevent mold growth.

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Before and After Pictures from Muskegon County


Installing the CleanSpace Wall System in Bailey, MI

Carrie and Aaron have a partially finished basement that has been flooding. Water is coming through the wall and it covers the entire basement floor. Tired of dealing with water intrusion, they called our team and we installed the CleanSpace Basement Finishing Wall System to prevent any more water intrusion. This system utilizes a poly sheet material to completely cover basement foundation walls and act as a vapor and moisture barrier. The material is waterproof, stain resistant and can be applied over many different types of surfaces. This system was perfect for Carrie and Aaron and put a stop to all water intrusion immediately.


Wall Anchors Fix Cracked Wall in Muskegon, MI

The story behind the cracked garage wall in this house was interesting. The wall had been hit by a car which obviously then caused the wall to begin crumbling. This also caused some of the bricks in the basement to crack. Both of these problems needed to be addressed and fixed.

Our team decided the best option was to put wall anchors in the garage to help pull the wall back to its original position. We chose to put our Carbon Armor straps in the basement since the damage wasn't as severe as in the garage. The wall anchors put in the garage are the most versatile wall repair method to use in most situations. They can fix very severe problems but are also installed independently of the floor so there's no additional strain. They can also be easily installed around obstacles on the wall such as pipes, cupboards, toilets, etc.


SuperSump Sump Pump Install in Morton Shores, MI

The homeowners were noticing water coming into their basement when there was heavy rain. The sump pump they had in their basement just wasn't effectively removing water from their home causing water damage on their basement floors.

Out professional team installed a SuperSump sump pump to combat this problem. The SuperSump system is a full-featured system that includes the best components available. The SuperSump removes water from your basement into a drainage system that takes the water outside your home. It includes the SuperLiner, which is an airtight lid that looks more attractive, keeps pests out and eliminates safety hazard of an open sump pump. It has a floor drain in case an unforeseen accident puts water on your basement floor. It includes a WaterWatch Alarm, which alerts you if the water level rises above the sump pump intake. It has a cast-iron pump to prevent overheating and burnout. It has a CleanPump pump stand that elevates the sump pump to prevent clogging.  It has a check valve to prevent pumped water from re-entering.  Lastly, it has an improved float valve to ensure long-term performance.  

Becuase of the SuperSump sump pump, the homeowner's basement is now clean and dry! 

Work Requests From Muskegon County, MI
Project Location: Muskegon, MI
Water coming up through cracks and edges in the the foundation, water coming through the walls. We tore out all carpeting and flooring, and the bottom half of the drywall. Just need to make sure it never happens again. I'm curious if you do a drain tile system or how you go about the waterproofing.
Project Location: Muskegon, MI
Having ongoing water in the basement issues @ my mothers house. One of your reps did a quote for us back in 2013 and would like to get your rep out for another inspection/quote. Hopefully this time we will get all fixed? Thanks
Project Location: Muskegon, MI
Musty smell coming from crawl space.
Project Location: Muskegon, MI
There are 4 Condo Units in Bloomfield Acres that are interested in talking to your company about solutions to water in our basements. We ae looking at systems where water can be pumped into the city sewer system. We would like to set up a meeting to discuss options with all 4 of us. Look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.
Project Location: Muskegon, MI
Occasionally after severe rain, our basement foundation will get damp and some of the lowest spots will begin to puddle.
Project Location: Muskegon, MI
Water bubbling from cement floor in basement following last weeks rains. Inherited house. Basement has supposedly been wet and then partially dry, but new problem for me.
Project Location: Muskegon, MI
Concrete patio and driveway have settled and need to be raised back into place.
Project Location: Muskegon, MI
Looking more for a way to keep rodents out than i am for traditional sealing...have a spot near new entry way which needs attention but definitely want to look at having entire neglected crawlspace looked at
Project Location: Muskegon, MI
We have a poured concrete wall and noticed water in our basement after a really heavy rain. A couple days later after the sprinklers we're on for 30 minutes I noticed it was wet again. Looked outside and there is a crack in the wall. This area of the basement is only partially underground.
Project Location: Muskegon, MI
Have a basement that is smelly and has sit unoccupied for years. Would like someone to look at it and tell me what we can do with it.
Project Location: Muskegon, MI
Water coming up through floor due to excessive rain. Had some water before maybe 5 years ago. Unfinished basement. Standard ranch approx. 1700 sq feet.