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Leaky Basement Waterproofing and Crawl Space Repair Company Serving Bellevue, Michigan

Ayers Basement Systems has been serving Bellevue, Eaton County, MI friends, neighbors and family since 1981. We know that fixing a home is more than just a home to them. It's where their family lives and memories are made. Which is why we take our jobs seriously, and treat our customers as we would want to be treated.

So whether you have leaking cinder block walls, cement slab with water coming through it, bowing foundation walls, or a humid crawl space, we can help fix it. We've worked in Bellevue, MI for years and years, and would be honored to fix your home too.

Repair Services We Offer in Bellevue:

  • Wet/flooded basement waterproofing solutions.
  • Lifetime warranty on all perimeter waterproofing systems.
  • Foundation and structural repair solutions.
  • 25-year warranty against manufacturing defects on foundation products.
  • Crawl space sealing with CleanSpace vapor barrier.
  • Egress window solutions.
  • 25-year warranty on crawl space encapsulation systems.
  • Concrete lifting and leveling powered by PolyLEVEL to repair sidewalks, driveways and uneven steps.
  • Financing Available
  • FREE written estimates and inspections, and fast installation

Bellevue, MI Foundation Repair & Concrete Leveling Contractor

Ayers Basement Systems is also an expert at fixing foundations and uneven concrete that may need to be lifted back into place.

We often see problems like:

    • bowed foundation walls
    • cracks in drywall indicating foundation settling
    • uneven front steps
    • sidewalk tripping hazards
    • doors or windows that won't shut without force

These can all be signs of a foundation problem within the soils of the home.

The good news is, there's a way to fix it. Our team of foundation experts uses a slew of products made specifically for fixing foundation problems. They've been tested and proven to last to simplify your life and let you get back to the things you enjoy doing instead.

Contact Ayers Basement Systems today to find a solution for your home's foundation problem in Bellevue,  MI. Contact us today!

Before and After Pictures from Bellevue


Bellevue, MI Crawl Space Gets Ultimate Energy Saver

These Bellevue, MI customers called us after becoming fed up with the water issues that plagued their crawlspace. Whenever it rained, the sump pump – trying to keep up with the leakage – would constantly run. Most of the water was coming through leaks in the blocks walls or passing through the tarp that was used to cover the crawl space floor.

To give the overworked sump a much-needed rest, the system design specialist recommended that the homeowners look into our Ultimate Energy Saver package. The package includes a combination of multiple crawl space products like a vapor barrier and the SilverGlo wall insulation that are seen in the after photo. Both TerraBlock insulation and a drainage matting were included, as well, but are covered in the photo by the CleanSpace system. With the drainage matting in place, water will flow directly to the sump pump for discharge and hopefully, ease the burden. The combined effort of TerraBlock insulation and CleanSpace will keep moisture from rising through the dirt floor and causing damage to the crawl space. Not to mention, the insulation that comes from TerraBlock and the SilverGlo walls will help save the house a bundle on energy utilities. The full encapsulation of the crawl space should mean the end of this family’s crawl space issues. 


BrightWall WaterProofs Bellevue, MI Basement

Here we can see the damage that large cracks can have on basement walls. It’s very common for cracks like these to appear where plumbing pipes connect and for those cracks to later spring leaks. After noticing the size of these cracks, the owner of this Bellevue, MI home became very worried about his foundation. Once the crew reinforced the wall, they got to work on waterproofing the cracks to guarantee that this type of water damage wouldn’t happen again.

To do so, they used the BrightWall Rigid Panel System. BrightWall panels can be attached in front of almost any wall with plastic drilled-in fasteners, making the installation quick and smooth. Brightwall is made of mold resistant, waterproof material so the water stains seen in the before picture won’t ever appear on the panels. Also part of the BrightWall system is a drainage area that sits at the foot of the wall. Water that leaks through the cracks will flow behind the panels and into the system for discharge. As you can see, not only did BrightWall solve the leaking issue, the white plastic proved to be the perfect component to improve the look of this unfinished basement. 


FlexiSpan Wall Repair in Bellevue, MI

The homeowners in Bellevue, MI had water leaking into their garage. The water was coming from the two back corners of the garage because of a crack in between where the walls met. Most people would think that a patching mortar or a masonry sealant would get the job done, but unfortunately, this rarely works long term because of the poor adhesion. 

Our FlexiSpan crack repair system will do the job right the first time. FlexiSpan is a three-step process. The first step is to apply a flexible sealant along the full length of the crack. Next, a strip of porous and flexible foam is installed over the crack. Lastly, an impermeable membrane was adhered to the wall on both sides of the foam strip. This treatment allows any future seepage of water through the crack to move invisibly down the wall and into the basements perimeter drainage system. The FlexiSpan crack repair system is flexible enough to move with your wall allowing it to work under all conditions. 

Case Studies From Bellevue

Wet and Moldy Crawl Space in Bellevue


This customer contacted us for help with her wet, nasty crawlspace. She had been wanting to get her home’s crawlspace fixed for years and had...

Work Requests From Bellevue, MI
Project Location: Bellevue, MI
Crawlspace flooding musky smell in home.
Project Location: Bellevue, MI
Musty smells cracked floors and wall in basement block retaining wall buckling frost heave issues from late winter early spring
Project Location: Bellevue, MI
We get water in the basement during heavy rain and have cracks in our foundation. Would like to be able to finish the basement.
Project Location: Bellevue, MI
Crawl space and musty smell
Project Location: Bellevue, MI
I'm interested in buying this house but noticed the block wall behind the garage is separating from the side and the slab in the garage is cracked. Is like to know how much it would be to fix.
Project Location: Bellevue, MI
I would like an egress window put in the basement and need a quote
Project Location: Bellevue, MI
We have an issue with animals under our barn floor that have removed/shifted an unknown amount of material from under our barn floor and we are looking at options - seeing your add for the PolyLevel - thought that might be an option to fill and support the barn floor.
Project Location: Bellevue, MI
Four to five inches of rain water, in level one of tri-level, second time in three years. need estimate, please leave message on cell phone for good time to call back. I work 6a-3p thank you.
Project Location: Bellevue, MI
We had a recent incident of water in the lower level of our raised ranch home. We had SerPro come in for clean up and an insurance adjuster come to check things out and they were unable to determine what caused the water issue. The home was built in 2006 and the downstairs area completed in 2014. All of the flooring needed to be removed and the walls are cut open 2 feet from the floor to dry the insulation. We think the issue happened while we were out of town. According to ServPro and the insurance adjuster it didn't appear to be from the sump pump. We need to have someone with expertise to evaluate the situation before making any repairs.
Project Location: Bellevue, MI
Looking to have egress window installed in Bellevue, Mi. Thank you
Project Location: Bellevue, MI
Basement walls bending inward
Project Location: Bellevue, MI
Basement leaks. Water in the basement continuously. Perhaps a new basement is what I need.
Project Location: Bellevue, MI
We are beginning the remodel of our basement. it currently has two small Windows but we will need a total of 4 egress windows. We have construction know-how but I am looking into quotes from companies to come in and do the egress windows for us. Project 4 egress windows. We have a concrete block basement, and two of the windows has a small window existing and would just need to be made larger.
Project Location: Bellevue, MI
Water is coming through between the floor and wall on two sides of my basement.