Photo Album: Waterproofing a Basement and Crawl Space in Cement City

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Jon called us with suspicions of both his basement and his crawl space. His basement "got wet sometimes" and he was concerned there was a moisture issue in the crawl space, but none of it had been that code red level that makes someone rush to the phone.

He was right, though, that he had water issues in both the basement and crawl space, and while they weren't a crisis yet, they were already starting to affect the structure of the house by waterlogging support beams.

We installed WaterGuard below-floor drain system in the basement as well as a new Super Sump pump to replace the old, ineffective pump. In the crawl space, we encapsulated with CleanSpace and installed a new door and vent covers to keep the outside out of the crawl space. With the moisture issues taken care of, we installed a PowerBrace in the basement and SmartJacks in the crawl space to take care of a few structural issues.

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