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Known as the Cherry Capital of the World, Traverse City borders the West and East arms of Lake Michigan's Grand Traverse Bay. With Boardman Lake bisecting the city, it's safe to say Traverse City is an ideal summer destination for freshwater beaches, fishing, and water sports. Warm, partly cloudy summers and freezing, snowy winters ensure residents experience every season. However, fluctuating temps, heavy rainfall, and melting snow leave Traverse City homes vulnerable to basement flooding, crawl space humidity, foundation damage, and more.

Luckily, Ayers Basement Systems has the expertise and high-quality solutions to keep your home safe. Since 1981, we have been the local go-to for basement waterproofing, crawl space repair, and foundation repair in Traverse City, MI and nearby.

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Traverse City's Trusted Basement Waterproofing Company

While a nasty, wet basement may be the last thing you want to work on, this area can cause whole-house damage if left to worsen. That includes home mold, foundation problems, smelly odors, wood rot, pest problems, and unhealthy indoor air.

But there is no reason to worry - Ayers Basement Systems can help! We have served Traverse City homeowners for over 40 years with patented basement waterproofing solutions, reliable service, and lasting results. Our system creates a drier, secure below-grade space and a more comfortable, valuable home overall.

Whether you have leaky wall cracks, basement mold, high humidity, or problems with basement flooding, we can solve these issues and more. We proudly serve Grand Traverse County and areas nearby. Schedule a basement waterproofing estimate today!

Common Wet Basement Problems

While fixing a wet basement may seem straightforward, it can get complicated. First, you need to identify the sources of leaking and flooding and the cause. Without that, you cannot come up with a reliable solution to address your situation.

Luckily, Ayers Basement Systems has been diagnosing wet basement problems since 1981. That means we can quickly and accurately find the issue in your basement and recommend reliable solutions for your home.

Here are some ways to tell if your basement has issues with water intrusion:

  • Basement wall Cracks: Wall cracks are a clear indication there is water in the basement. But this can be hard to see in finished basements. Leaky cracks may not be visible until they appear on drywall or carpeting. If that is the case, you will need to remove the wall and sometimes the carpeting surrounding it to get a better idea of the issue.
  • Floor & Wall Stains: Stained walls and floors are signs of water intrusion. Water stains are often blotchy and discolored on walls and carpeting in finished basements. In unfinished basements, they appear as semi-uniform, discolored spots on concrete walls and floors.
  • Basement Flooding: Pooling water or basement flooding may indicate a severe wet basement issue.
  • Basement Mold: Basements are the perfect breeding ground for mold, mildew, and other fungi. You can spot mold, mildew, and other fungi through black patches, white or yellow powder, and shapes and colors in corners where walls and floors meet, under surfaces, around window frames, and by leaky areas.
  • Leaky Egress Windows: Old basement windows are a common source of leaks. Rotting framing, cracked window panes, or outdated pieces can lead to moisture intrusion and water damage. Wooden window frames are particularly vulnerable since they easily attract mold and rot. If you notice crumbling wooden frames, peeling paint, soft wood, or discoloration in your egress windows, it may be time for a replacement.
Our Basement Waterproofing Solutions

When choosing a basement waterproofing company, you can rely on Ayers Basement Systems. We have been Traverse City's trusted name in basement waterproofing since 1981, providing patented systems, reliable service, and lasting results since 1981. Plus, with the backing of Basement Systems, a national network of basement waterproofing contractors, we have exclusive access to warrantied solutions, proven best practices, and ongoing training by industry experts.

Our skilled crew can identify wet basement problems quickly and accurately and recommend a waterproofing solution that fits your situation.

Our Basement Waterproofing System Includes:

  • French drains
  • Sump pumps
  • Vapor barrier
  • Basement wall insulation
  • Egress windows
  • Basement dehumidifier

Schedule a free basement waterproofing estimate and onsite inspection to see how we can create a drier, more secure below-grade space in your home!

Why Do I Need a Basement Waterproofing Company?

Many homeowners pride themselves on their DIYs - and rightfully so. But some projects are better left to the professionals, including a wet basement. Here are some reasons why hiring a basement waterproofing company will save you money and ensure your entire home is secure:

  • Accurately Identifying Problems: Diagnosing the cause of a wet basement can get complicated. You need to find the source of leaking or flooding and why there is an issue in the first place. If a homeowner does not address all problems accurately, the problems will continue - sometimes without them even knowing.
  • Potential Foundation Damage: The basement is an integral part of the foundation where crucial support beams, floor joists, and plumbing is stored. If a homeowner does not accurately address leaking or flooding, these issues can worsen and cause severe problems for the foundation. It can also impact the home's structural integrity, safety, and value if the homeowner damages the foundation during the project.
  • Long-term Results: Even if a DIY basement waterproofing project looks great, there is no guarantee that the homeowner stopped the problem for good. If the problem persists, it may even cost them more to fix the faulty system in a year or two.

Ayers Basement Systems takes the guesswork out of fixing wet basements. And we have the professional training, skill, and time-tested experience to quickly and effectively address all issues affecting your below-grade space. Schedule a free basement waterproofing estimate in Traverse City to learn more!

Basement Waterproofing Services

Permanent Foundation Repairs in Traverse City, MI

The foundation is an integral part of the home. That is why many homeowners find structural damage so hard to diagnose and fix. Plus, if foundation problems are left to worsen, they can create unsafe living conditions, cause damage to the rest of the home, lower the property value, and even make a house impossible to sell.

That is where Ayers Basement Systems can help. We have been Traverse City, MI's trusted foundation repair company, providing patented solutions, skilled craftsmanship, and quality service since 1981. During a thorough foundation inspection, we pinpoint all structural problems, including bowing walls, cracked concrete, sinking floors, and leaning chimneys. Then, we design a customized foundation repair plan based on your situation.

From collapsing retaining walls to sagging floor joists and foundation settlement, Ayers Basement Systems has the permanent foundation repair solutions needed to fix these issues and more! Schedule a free foundation repair estimate today.

Signs Your Home Has Structural Damage

Addressing a foundation problem can get complicated. Sings of structural damage, like a leaning chimney and wall cracks, can mean different things and will require unique repairs. And less obvious signs can even go unnoticed, like jamming windows and uneven floors.

Ayers Basement Systems has been the trusted foundation repair company of Traverse City since 1981. That means we can accurately identify areas of concern and recommend permanent foundation repairs based on your situation.

Common Signs of Foundation Problems:

  • Sticking windows and doors
  • Leaning chimney
  • Sinking floors
  • Tilting or bowing walls
  • Sagging floor joists
  • Interior ceiling, floor, and wall cracks
  • Foundation cracks
  • Basement flooding & leaking
Foundation Problems & Solutions

Accurately identifying structural damage is the first step of any permanent foundation repair project. That is why Ayers Basement Systems offers a range of customizable, high-quality structural repair systems throughout Michigan & Indiana, including Traverse City and nearby.

Foundation Wall problems & Our Solutions:

  • Wall Cracks: Narrow cracks are a sign of regular wear and settlement. But foundations with stair step cracks, horizontal cracks, and leaking cracks with bowing or tilting walls indicate a severe issue that needs addressing. For cracked walls, we recommend helical foundation piers. By driving helical piers deep into load-bearing soils, we can transfer the weight of the home to better support the structure. They prevent future cracks and can be adjusted to provide lasting support.
  • Tilting or Bowing Walls: When soils expand and contract from normal environmental conditions, this causes hydrostatic pressure, which strains foundation walls, causing them to lean or tilt with horizontal and diagonal cracks. After, the walls will start to bulge inward at the top. For tilting or bowing walls, we recommend GeoLock® Wall Anchors. By securing the foundation to stable soils, we can restore walls to their original position. Wall anchors also prevent future bowing and tilting. The PowerBrace™ Wall Repair System is another solution we provide for failing foundation walls, including ones that are tilting, bowing, or buckling.
  • Leaky Wall Cracks: The basement is particularly vulnerable to water-related issues, causing problems for the entire home if left to worsen. Water can seep into the basement through porous concrete and cracks, causing home mold, musty odors, flooding, wood rot, and more. For leaking wall cracks, helical piers can fix damage caused by foundation settlement. We also offer a patented basement waterproofing system to create a secure, dry below-grade space.

Foundation Wall Solutions

Foundation wall problems don't stand a chance with our help. We offer an extensive selection of proven, warrantied foundation wall repair solutions in Traverse City and throughout Greater Michigan.

  • GeoLock® Wall Anchors repair bowing foundation walls by securing the wall to stable soils beyond the home. The wall anchors not only restore foundation walls to their original position but prevent them from bowing in the future.
  • strong>Helical foundation piers repair damage and close cracks caused by foundation settlement. The helical piers are driven deep into the ground to find stable, load-bearing soils beyond the home to better support the weight of the structure.</li<
  • The PowerBrace™ Wall Repair System stabilizes failing foundation walls, preventing them from bowing, buckling, or tilting inward.

Foundation Floor Problems & Our Solutions

If the foundation is settling in the soil under the home, it can no longer support the weight of the house. Once the dirt compresses, it puts pressure on the foundation, causing it to sink into the ground. Foundation settlement can cause issues throughout the house, including cracked, sinking floors.

Cracked or uneven floors in your home may indicate a foundation floor problem. If that is the case, we recommend helical piers, driving them into stable, load-bearing soil to create a solid base to transfer the home's weight onto. This adjustable system restores the home to its original position, closing cracks, and providing long-term support.

Why Choose Ayers Basement Systems For Foundation Repairs?

Ayers Basement Systems has been your trusted foundation repair company, offering reliable solutions and service to Traverse City since 1981. Whether you have a leaning chimney, foundation settlement, bowing walls, or wall cracks, we have the time-tested experience and skill to get the job done right. And with the backing of Supportworks, a renowned foundation repair network, we have exclusive access to patented products, innovative best practices, and professional training from the best minds in the industry.

Ready to create a more secure and valuable home with the foundation repair services from Ayers Basement Systems? Start by scheduling a free foundation inspection, where we accurately pinpoint any structural damage and develop a customizable repair solution based on your situation. We even offer a transferable lifetime warranty for all products and services. So you can have absolute confidence in the quality we provide.

Concrete driveway being repaired

Crawl Space Encapsulation & Repair Pros in Traverse City

The crawl space is under the home, so it is often out of mind for most homeowners. But since this area is prone to nasty water damage, mold, mildew, and humidity, it is better to address issues before they impact the entire house, including the structural integrity, air quality, energy efficiency, and comfort.

That is where Ayers Basement Systems can help. We are your trusted crawl space repair company, providing a complete encapsulation system, vapor barrier, dehumidifier, house jacks, and more. Our crawl space encapsulation system and repairs will ensure a dry, secure, and usable below-grade space!

Schedule a free service estimate to learn more. We have been serving Grand Traverse County areas since 1981. Our proven system, time-tested skill, and reliable service keep Traverse City homeowners choosing Ayers Basement Systems!

Common Crawl Space Problems

The last thing you want to deal with is a nasty, wet crawl space. And since this area is prone to moisture and humidity issues, this can be a common problem in homes around Traverse City. But leaving it alone can mean big problems for the rest of the house, causing foundation problems, unhealthy air quality, mold, wood rot, pest infestations, and high energy costs.

That is where Ayers Basement Systems can help. We know that catching common crawl problems can improve the entire home. So here are some common signs that you may have water intrusion issues in the crawl space:

  • High Humidity & Water Intrusion: High humidity and water intrusion allow mold and wood rot to grow and spread, weakening the home's structural integrity, causing pest infestations, and leading to poor indoor air quality.
  • Foul Odors & Mold: Once mold, mildew, and other fungi start to thrive in the crawl space, they can spread to other areas of the house, causing musty odors and unhealthy indoor air, aggravating allergies, asthma, and other upper respiratory issues.
  • Wood Rot & Rust: With many floor joists and structural wood beams in the crawl space, wood rot and rust can weaken these vital foundation supports, causing severe and expensive damage.
  • Poor Energy Efficiency: An unsealed, humid crawl space means hot air will escape into surrounding living areas and create an uncomfortable atmosphere. The HVAC system will work harder to regulate temperatures, causing your energy bills to rise.
  • Pest Problems: A wet, unsealed crawl space makes the home inviting to pests, including termites, rodents, carpenter ants, and more. These insects and animals can cause damage to the foundation, create unhealthy living conditions, and spread to other areas of the house.
The Crawl Space Encapsulation System

If you have a nasty, wet crawl space, your home could be vulnerable to water damage, poor energy efficiency, mold, foundation problems, and more. That is where Ayers Basement Systems can help. We are your trusted crawl space repair company providing a patented encapsulation system, sealing off the below-grade space from outdoor elements, including water and pests!

Create a drier, more secure, and more valuable home with the crawl space encapsulation system from Ayers Basement Systems. We keep the crawl space dry, prevent moisture-related issues, and create a usable area for storage!

The Crawl Space Encapsulation System Includes:

  • Crawl space doors & vent covers
  • Crawl space sump pump
  • Crawl space drainage system
  • Crawl space dehumidifier
  • Crawl space jacks
  • Crawl space vapor barrier system
How Do We Fix Sagging Floor Joists?

Does your home have bouncy, sinking floors above the crawl space? If so, that is a sign of structural damage. Other symptoms may include drywall cracks, windows and doors jamming, and visibly sagging floor joists in the below-grade space.

Moisture intrusion, high humidity, wood rot, and other foundation problems usually cause crawl space structural damage. But there is no reason to worry. Ayers Basement Systems is your trusted crawl space repair company with a permanent solution to restore stability and strength: the SmartJack® crawl space support system.

Our crawl space jacks provide additional support to the structure. The system is also adjustable - so we can move the floors above to their original position and modify them if needed over the years. Plus, it is compatible with our crawl space encapsulation system, so we can ensure the area is dry, structurally secure, and usable for years to come!

Crawl Space Insulation, Repair, & Encapsulation Services

Safe & Durable Egress Windows in Traverse City, MI

A finished basement adds living space to a home and creates endless possibilities for what you can do with that area. But with that new space comes the need for security, especially in Michigan. In 2015 the state required egress windows in basements with bedrooms, mandating at least one exit point in these areas. These egress windows need to be professionally installed and comply with specific criteria.

And while Traverse City homes require egress windows in these spaces, they are also a beautiful source of natural light and make a stunning addition to any basement. But a faulty installation can come with wood rot, leaking, and other nasty, wet basement problems. That also means you will need an egress window installation done right to ensure beautiful and secure results.

Ayers Basement Systems has been your trusted basement waterproofing company since 1981. So we have the time-tested skill, patented products, and reliable service to ensure a stress-free egress window installation that creates a beautiful, safe basement and brings your home up to code!

Why Should I Install Egress Windows?

There are a lot of benefits to adding egress windows to a basement. And if you wait to replace old windows too long, they can have rotting framing and leaky, cracked panes. That is where Ayers Basement Systems can help. We can install beautiful and durable egress windows professionally, allowing you a safe exit in an emergency and providing stunning natural light. Egress windows also add value to the home, as they are a great source of natural light and ventilation.

Benefits of Egress Windows:

  • A safe exit emergency exit during a crisis
  • Compliant with Michigan Residential Code
  • Increases resale value
  • Allows more natural light to enter basement living spaces
  • Increases property value
  • A beautiful source of natural light
  • Adds to the home curb appeal & style
  • Allows for ventilation
  • Can allow you to increase your living space
  • Improves home energy efficiency
  • Will prevent mildew & mold

Ready to update old, leaky basement windows? Egress windows provide a safe exit and can improve the home's comfort, value, and curb appeal. Plus, Ayers Basement Systems's patented products and time-tested craftsmanship ensure your house is code compliant, safe, and beautiful.

Schedule a free egress window installation in Traverse City to learn more. We also serve nearby areas throughout Michigan.

What are the Requirements for Basement Egress Windows?

There are many benefits to adding egress windows to the basement. But you also want to ensure your egress windows provide a safe exit and are code compliant as Michigan mandates.

Here is a list of some standards to bring basement egress windows into compliance :

  • Safe Emergency Exit: Egress windows must fully open and allow an emergency exit point in an emergency.
  • Size Requirements: Egress windows require a minimum of 36 inches wide and 9 square feet long.
  • Required Steps or Ladder: Egress windows need built-in steps or a permanently affixed ladder for a safe exit.
  • Windows Under a Porch or Deck: If the egress window is under a porch or deck, there needs to be 48 inches of space between the top of the window well and the bottom of the joists.
Why Choose Ayers Basement Systems for Basement Egress Windows?

While many homeowners want the benefits of adding egress windows in the basement, a lot can go wrong if a contractor installs them incorrectly, including water intrusion, basement flooding, mold, poor energy efficiency, and pest problems. That is where Ayers Basement Systems can help! We have provided reliable service, patented products, and lasting solutions since 1981.

Our egress windows offer proven protection with composite polymer material in a single-piece construction to prevent structural deterioration over time. They are IRC-compliant and include built-in steps, a beautiful stone finish, and attractive window well covers, so you do not have to worry about window leaks.

We can bring your below-grade space into compliance with state regulations and ensure a beautiful, secure area! Schedule a free egress window estimate to learn more.

Gutter on a barn

Before and After Pictures from Traverse City


CleanSpace Rids Traverse City, MI Crawl Space of Spiders

The customer called with a very understandable problem: his crawl space was full of spiders, and he wanted it to not be full of spiders. Presence of critters big or small is an indication of a crawl space exposed to the elements, so we knew that encapsulation was the place to start.

After installing the CleanSpace vapor barrier system to protect the crawl space from the elements - and the home from the crawl space - we used spray foam insulation to seal off the joists and complete the insulation process.


Geo-Lock Anchors Stop a Traverse City, MI Bowing Wall

The owners of this Traverse City, MI building first became aware of their foundation problem when they noticed one of the most common signs of a bowing wall: the large stair step cracks in the before picture. When expanding soils push on walls, the pressure can become too much for a foundation to handle and will force the walls to bend inward. Bowing walls can cause numerous problems for your foundation and in some cases, mean the end of the structural integrity altogether. The solution in the after photo is our Geo-Lock Wall Anchor System. By attaching the wall plates in the picture to Geo Anchors outside, the wall can no longer bend inward. Not only will the system of steel rods, wall plates, and anchors stop the bowing motion - given enough time, the walls may even return to their upright position.


An Airtight Egress Lid and Well Replacement in Traverse City, MI

The owners of this home were looking to make an upgrade from their previous window and well. As you can see in the before photo, the old well was made from metal. Metal wells can be a disaster when it comes to erosion and allowing water to come through.

As a replacement, our crew put in the plastic SunHouse well in the after photo. It’s made from inorganic plastic that won’t rust or allow water to permeate through. Neither the crew nor the owners were sure which egress cover would be preferred. So, the crew took both a dome and flat lid with them and allowed the owners to decide. Both options are airtight and won’t allow water or any type of debris to pass through. As you can see, the owner’s elected to go with the dome option. Either option would have been great for the home and will stand tough to water.

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