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Basement Waterproofing, Concrete Leveling, Crawl Space & Foundation Repair Company

For over40 years, Ayers Basement Systems of Michigan & Indiana has been providing expert basement waterproofing, concrete leveling, crawl space and foundation repair services to Saint Johns and surrounding area homes in Michigan. 

We provide repair solutions to your:

  • Wet basements
  • Bowed foundation walls
  • Sinking, unlevelled concrete
  • Damaged and exposed crawl spaces

We know that your home is your biggest investment, it keeps your family safe and it is where the best memories are made -- so we are committed to preserving that by providing the best basement waterproofing, concrete leveling, foundation and crawl space solutions around!

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Basement Waterproofing in Michigan

Have you noticed flooding in your Saint Johns, MI basement after rain, foul odors throughout your home, damp basement walls and floors and unsightly mold growth? If you have, then don't delay: call the basement experts at Ayers Basement Systems of Michigan & Indiana, who can effectively assess your wet basement, lock out moisture and prevent further damage.

Basement waterproofing services we offer:

  • Foundation waterproofing
  • Basement leak repair
  • Humidity control

Our craftsmanship is unbeatable and our Basement Sytems product line is untouchable. With over 30 of Basement Systems patented basement solutions available, including our drainage systems, sump pumps, wall coverings, waterproof basement flooring options, basement dehumidifiers, replacement windows, water heater flood protection and other products that are backed by a written warranty and proven by hundreds of dealers across the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, we can keep your basement dry, safe and secure!

Saint Johns, MI's Foundation Repair Contractors

An impaired foundation will leave your home susceptible to further damages. Small foundation issues can give you bigger headaches later on. Stop foundation issues in their tracks with the structural experts from Ayers Basement Systems of Michigan & Indiana -- our individualized foundation repair solutions are perfect for the unique needs of your Saint Johns, MI home.

Our foundation repair services include:

  • Foundation cracks
  • Bowing basement walls
  • Sinking basement floors
  • Settling foundations
  • Uneven concrete slabs

With service and craftsmanship that can't be beaten, it isn't a surprise that our line of exclusive Supportworks products stands out from the rest too. With items like foundation pier systems, foundation wall repair solutions, crawl space support posts and spray concrete, all quality tested and approved by the geotechnical and structural engineers at Supportworks, we can assure work that is strong and lasting!

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Crawl Space Repair and Encapsulation Solutions

Musty odors, sagging floors and drywall cracks are all signs your crawl space is damaged and exposed to the elements. Call Ayers Basement Systems of Michigan & Indiana, we understand how crucial your crawl space is to the overall functionality of your Saint Johns, MI & IN home and offer expert repair and encapsulation services.

Crawl space solutions we offer:

  • Cleanspace vapor barrier system
  • Thermal insulation
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Structural repair services
  • Crawl space winterization

Our proven crawl space repair services and Basement Systems products will restore your crawl space and prevent further damage. Call 1-844-262-2971 today or click below to see how you can receive a FREE quote for services! 

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Simple Concrete Leveling Services in Saint Johns, MI

Sinking concrete surfaces around your Saint Johns, MI home create a dangerous falling hazard to your family and house guests, as well as lower your home's overall image and value. We at Ayers Basement Systems of Michigan & Indiana know how hard you work to keep your home safe, so we offer simple, non-invasive concrete leveling and lifting solutions that are proven durable for your home repair needs!

How PolyLevel® works

PolyLevel® is perfect for concrete leveling and lifting because of its easy-to-apply, quick-drying polymer solution that bonds to concrete surfaces like decks, garage floors, walkways, driveways, steps and more. Also, it is incredibly durable and can withstand weather damage, aging and general deterioration.

To begin our PolyLevel® installation, one of our crew drills small holes into the concrete slab. A polymer solution is injected into the empty space beneath and as the solution expands, it fills the space and stabilizes the slab.

How Mud jacking or slab jacking works

For larger, heavier concrete structures, we offer our tough mud jacking and slab jacking services that provide long-lasting effects when used with slab piers. We begin by pumping a mortar-based mixture of water, soil, sand and Portland cement is under the slab. As the mixture is pumped underneath, it fills the empty space, stabilizing the slab. As the mixture hardens into a solid it becomes more secure than soil and lighter than concrete.

Many of our Michigan competitors don't know how to accurately install a mud jacking or what corresponding materials are required. When a mud jacking is not done correctly then it will ultimately fail you. Our crew of structural experts knows exactly what your mud jacking needs to provide strong, durable results!

Basement Waterproofing, Concrete Leveling, Foundation & Crawl Space Repair Specialists

Since 1981, we have been committed to providing quality basement waterproofing, concrete leveling, foundation and crawl space repair solutions to our Saint Johns, MI & IN friends and neighbors. With each happy customer and successful job, our ambition has only grown and we are eager to make your home safe for you and your family!

We offer our Saint Johns, Grand Rapids, Lansing, Kalamazoo and surrounding area customers in Michigan state-of-the-art repair services, financing solutions as well as free written estimates and inspections! Call 1-844-262-2971 or click below to see how you can receive a FREE quote!

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Before and After Pictures from Saint Johns


New Sump Pump Liner in St. Johns, MI

Sump pumps are one of the most important features of a waterproofed basement. A sump pump you can depend on is key to not having to redo your waterproofing. As you can see in the before photo, the sump pump in this St. Johns basement was doing everything it could to keep the basement above water. Sadly, it wasn’t enough. When we received the call, there was standing water in the basement, so the homeowner wanted us to come out and check for clogging in the line. Our system design specialist presented the owner with 3 repair options that would solve the discharge problem. Eventually, the owner settled on a new sump pump liner and a perimeter drainage system.

Think of the sump pump liner as the bucket seen in the after photo. The liner will prevent the pump from clogging up in that muddy hole while also allowing water from both the perimeter drainage system and the ground to be pumped out. For a new perimeter drainage system, the team went with our WaterGuard. WaterGuard sits in the foundation and wall joint and will collect any standing water from the basement. Included in the system were 4 inspection points, so the homeowner can check the system for clogging whenever he wants. The two systems were then tied to the preexisting discharge line for disposal.

If you’re thinking about upgrading your sump pump as well, then give us a call. We’ll be more than happy to discuss your options with you.


EverLast Saves a Finished Basement in St. Johns, MI

This half-finished basement was dealing with water seeping through the cracks of the basement walls and damaging the wood panels. When a finished basement begins to leak – especially one that uses wood material – not only does it damage the wall, it also means that mold isn’t far behind. To solve this homeowner’s waterproofing issue without sacrificing the finish of his basement, the owner gave Ayers a call.

Our EverLast Wall Restoration System is designed specifically for finished walls. The panels are made from inorganic materials making them mold resistant and durable enough to not be affected by water damage. Once the crew put in a perimeter drainage system at the foot of the wall and removed the wood panels, they installed a vapor barrier to direct moisture to the system below. The EverLast panels were then attached in front of the vapor barrier to create a permanent solution for this waterproofing problem. 


Stopping a St. Johns, MI Bowing Wall with PowerBraces

After placing a bid on this St. Johns, MI home the prospective buyers noticed the slight curve the wall in the before photo. A bend like this, no matter how small, is usually a sign that walls are dealing with pressure from expanding soil and starting to bow. Before they purchased the home, the new homeowners wanted to guarantee that they would be safe.

Our PowerBrace system gave them the peace of mind they were looking for. The beams in the after photo are a large part of the system. As you can see, the PowerBrace beams expand from ceiling to floor. Once the beams are tightened with a special bolt that connects them to the floor joists, they will stop the inward bowing motion. Given enough time, PowerBrace may even straighten the walls back to their original position.

Work Requests From Saint Johns, MI
Project Location: Saint Johns, MI
I have a smell in my house. I think it has something to do with the crawlspace
Project Location: Saint Johns, MI
Foundation cracks, foundation repair and water in basement
Project Location: Saint Johns, MI
Would like an estimate for an electrical back up system. also could you look at our basement and crawl space to see if you could make improvements?
Project Location: Saint Johns, MI
Leak into basement through previously repaired foundation crack.
Project Location: Saint Johns, MI
One side of my basement is too short and the other side is dirt. I'd like to have it lowered, waterproofed, concreted, foundation updates with a egress window. All in preparation for me to finish it.
Project Location: Saint Johns, MI
Found water in the basement so I would like to have the foundation checked out!
Project Location: Saint Johns, MI
Bi-Level style home needs basement waterproofing
Project Location: Saint Johns, MI
Is there a specific time of year for concrete lifting of my sidewalk and driveway?
Project Location: Saint Johns, MI
Cracks and uneven surface
Project Location: Saint Johns, MI
Bounce/sag in floors of old house
Project Location: Saint Johns, MI
We have a couple of spots that have previously been repaired that are blue leaking again in our basement. We are interested in getting that repaired and possibly putting in some egress windows.
Project Location: Saint Johns, MI
Basement waterproofing and sump pump installation
Project Location: Saint Johns, MI
Have 2 window wells on South side of house that are failing and either need to be replaced or somehow repaired. Builder installed Wellcraft pre-formed polyethylene units when house was built in 2002. One unit was replaced by Ayer's basement systems about 10 years ago . Now both units are falling apart and need to be fixed.
Project Location: Saint Johns, MI
I have 3 cracks in my basement walls
Project Location: Saint Johns, MI
I would like someone to take a look at my crawl space and discuss what it needs.
Project Location: Saint Johns, MI
We have an old farmhouse with a moderately wet basement. Currently no sump pump / sump crock. Also interested in window replacement and window well quote if that is a service you provide.
Project Location: Saint Johns, MI
Water seeping into my basement through the seam of the wall and the floor.
Project Location: Saint Johns, MI
Water seepage through walls. Hoping for second opinion to another contractor.
Project Location: Saint Johns, MI
Sagging floors were discovered after ripping out carpet in 1 bedroom. The kitchen floor is extremely uneven as well. I have 2 small entry ways into the very small crawl space. The home inspectors were unable to get under the home when I purchased it back in July. Just looking for quotes for leveling the floor before I proceed in redoing the floors in the home.
Project Location: Saint Johns, MI
Part of my house is sinking and the floors are now sloped. The affected part was an add-on and the footers underneath have sunk; leaving a gap between them and the structure above.