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Basement Waterproofing and Crawl Space Repair Company Serving Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan

Ayers Basement Systems has been serving Sault Sainte Marie, Chippewa County, MI friends, neighbors and family since 1981. We know that fixing a home is more than just a home to them. It's where their family lives and memories are made. Which is why we take our jobs seriously and treat our customers as we would want to be treated.

So whether you have leaking cinder block walls, cement slab with water coming through it, bowing foundation walls, or a humid crawl space, we can help fix it. We've worked in Sault Sainte Marie, MI for years and years, and would be honored to fix your home too.

Repair Services We Offer in Sault Sainte Marie:

  • Wet/flooded basement waterproofing solutions.
  • Lifetime warranty on all perimeter waterproofing systems.
  • Foundation and structural repair solutions.
  • 25-year warranty against manufacturing defects on foundation products.
  • Crawl space sealing with the CleanSpace vapor barrier.
  • Egress window solutions.
  • 25-year warranty on crawl space encapsulation systems.
  • Concrete lifting and leveling powered by PolyLEVEL to repair sidewalks, driveways, and uneven steps.
  • Financing Available
  • FREE written estimates and inspections, and fast installation

Sault Sainte Marie, MI Foundation Repair & Concrete Leveling Contractor

Ayers Basement Systems is also an expert at fixing foundations and uneven concrete that may need to be lifted back into place.

We often see problems like:

    • bowed foundation walls,
    • cracks in drywall indicating foundation settling,
    • uneven front steps,
    • sidewalk tripping hazards,
    • doors or windows that won't shut without force.

These can all be signs of a foundation problem within the soils of the home.

The good news is, there's a way to fix it. Our team of foundation experts uses a slew of products made specifically for fixing foundation problems. They've been tested and proven to last to simplify your life and let you get back to the things you enjoy doing instead.

Contact Ayers Basement Systems today to find a solution for your home's foundation problem in Sault Sainte Marie,  MI. Contact us today!

Before and After Pictures from Sault Sainte Marie


BrightWall Transforms Basement in Sault Ste. Marie, MI

The problem with block basement walls is that they can easily sprout leaks. The block allows vapor and actual water to seep through, which can stain and water damage walls. That's exactly what happened to this restaurant in Sault Ste. Marie (see before picture). When the owner decided to waterproof the floor, he realized it was as good a time as any to fix up the walls as well.

Our BrightWall panels were the perfect solution. The paneling was attached directly on top of the previously stained walls, and it's clear that the white plastic is a much better look for the basement. On top of that, the basement walls are now completely waterproof. Water vapor and moisture may pass through the porous block walls, but they won't make it through the BrightWall paneling. Any water that does seep through the block walls will be drained into the restaurant's new perimeter drainage system and discharged outside. A good restaurant atmosphere usually refers to the actual dining area, but that's no reason why the rest of the place shouldn't look its best too. Give us a call if you'd like to see what BrightWall could do for your basement as well.  


Crawl Space Repair in Sault Ste. Marie, MI

One of the most satisfying clean ups we work on is with CleanSpace.  See, crawl spaces are usually gross; there's a reason for that...who would care?  Most people never go in their crawl spaces so generally it looks really bad and you can even find some critters running around as well!  CleanSpace allows for some peace of mind in terms of looks.  But it really doesn't stop there, energy savings can be very substantial due to humidity entering the house through the ground.  So not only does your CrawlSpace turn into a nice and dry environment that helps you to save money, all of those creepy crawlers can't live in there anymore!  

Case Studies From Sault Sainte Marie

Stabilizing a Sault Sainte Marie Michigan Foundation


Court and Stephanie bought their first home a couple of years ago. There were visible cracks in the walls and ceiling when they acquired it but in...

Work Requests From Sault Sainte Marie, MI
Project Location: Sault Sainte Marie, MI
My basement flooded and ruined the flooring down there due to it being put in poorly. I want to not only fix my basement area but make it extremely nice as well
Project Location: Sault Sainte Marie, MI
The good news. The size is under 20'x25' with a 40" clearance in the main pathway to 30"-36" farther in. Of course, there is the center girder that must be negotiated when traversing as well as the drainage system. The furnace is located here and was replaced in 2021. There is are four strip lights set up to provide light for the whole area. The rest of the house is good, floor has been fine, but I did have to replace the kitchen floor because of water damage from an old kitchen sink leak. The whole kitchen was remodeled. The bad news. The house was built in 1905 (est. from old newspapers found in the walls during renovations) on a foundation of red slate. This is common in the Sault as it was cheap stone salvaged from creation of the Soo Locks, but not much info out there for DIY sealing. The house was privately owned for many years, then it became a college rental until I purchased it. My main issue is that during the Spring thaw and after heavy rains, there will be a standing pool of water in the lowest part of the crawl space near the exterior entrance. Last year I had time for "The Sump Pump Project" and got down underneath and started to dig. To my surprise, after two inches of dirt was removed, I found that the whole floor was large pieces of red slate (3'x3')pieced together. We attempted to provide drainage by drilling 3/8" holes with 6" mortar bits but we were never convinced that we made it through to the other side. It had no effect. French drains on the outside have been considered, but the main obstacle to this is the fact that (and you can google maps my address and see it for yourself) my neighbor on the west side is 46" from exterior foundation wall to exterior foundation wall. This also adds to the rain issue as our two roofs combine act as a 25 foot wide funnel focusing that rainwater into that 4' space. Even if I were to put in a gutter, he has no interest in doing so as he rents the unit out now. I now have had a pest issue since it is providing a habitat for them and I am setting traps and running fans and dehumidifiers while fumigating with repellents. I believe them to be gone now but I've been going in, masked, gloved, and armed with lysol to empty the area of everything that might provide habitat, including fiberglass insulation installed several years ago (lesson learned, use foamboard cut to fit). While I do my best as a DIY and research my projects very well, it did not take long for me to realize that this is not something I should be tackling on my own. Too many uninformed choices that I would have to make. Whether it can happen this year or if it has to be planned for next, it needs to happen.
Project Location: Sault Sainte Marie, MI
We have a wet basement that we would like to finish. We are looking for a quote on options available for us
Project Location: Sault Sainte Marie, MI
Crawlspace partially floods and causes musty smell in the house.
Project Location: Sault Sainte Marie, MI
Looking to have our crawlspace encapsulated.
Project Location: Sault Sainte Marie, MI
I would lie a quote for insulating the crawl space. Thank you Mihai
Project Location: Sault Sainte Marie, MI
Flooded crawlspace.
Project Location: Sault Sainte Marie, MI
I have a very wet crawl space and need a plan to dry it up for good.