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Leaky Basement Waterproofing and Crawl Space Repair Company Serving Nashville, Michigan

Ayers Basement Systems has been serving Nashville, Barry County, MI friends, neighbors and family since 1981. We know that fixing a home is more than just a home to them. It's where their family lives and memories are made. Which is why we take our jobs seriously, and treat our customers as we would want to be treated.

So whether you have leaking cinder block walls, cement slab with water coming through it, bowing foundation walls, or a humid crawl space, we can help fix it. We've worked in Nashville, MI for years and years, and would be honored to fix your home too.

Repair Services We Offer in Nashville:

  • Wet/flooded basement waterproofing solutions.
  • Lifetime warranty on all perimeter waterproofing systems.
  • Foundation and structural repair solutions.
  • 25-year warranty against manufacturing defects on foundation products.
  • Crawl space sealing with CleanSpace vapor barrier.
  • Egress window solutions.
  • 25-year warranty on crawl space encapsulation systems.
  • Concrete lifting and leveling powered by PolyLEVEL to repair sidewalks, driveways and uneven steps.
  • Concrete repair including cracked driveway and sidewalk repair, concrete sealing with SealantPro, and slab protection with NexusPro
  • Financing Available
  • FREE written estimates and inspections, and fast installation

Nashville, MI Foundation Repair & Concrete Leveling Contractor

Ayers Basement Systems is also an expert at fixing foundations and uneven concrete that may need to be lifted back into place.

We often see problems like:

    • bowed foundation walls
    • cracks in drywall indicating foundation settling
    • uneven front steps
    • sidewalk tripping hazards
    • doors or windows that won't shut without force

These can all be signs of a foundation problem within the soils of the home.

The good news is, there's a way to fix it. Our team of foundation experts uses a slew of products made specifically for fixing foundation problems. They've been tested and proven to last to simplify your life and let you get back to the things you enjoy doing instead.

Contact Ayers Basement Systems today to find a solution for your home's foundation problem in Nashville,  MI. Contact us today!

Before and After Pictures from Nashville


Crack Waterproofed in Finished Nashville, MI Basement

This homeowner called us when she was noticed a pretty heavy leak from a crack behind her drywall. It was clear that they had tried to waterproof the crack in the past but the fix didn't work. The drywall was removed from the leaking area to expose the issue. Often times we see people use moisture blocking paints and injectable sealants to fix these cracks but neither one lasts forever. They have a tendency to fail over time because the cracks don't stay the same forever.

We waterproofed the crack by injecting a sealant into it as a first line of defense. Then we created a drywell at the base of the crack with some minor excavation. The drywell is filled with crushed stone and the concrete is replaced with the exception of a small gap at the base of the wall. Any incoming water will seep into the drywell and be allowed to leach back into the soil safely. The crack is finally covered by a layer of foam and a layer of our mold and mildew resistant CleanSpace moisture barrier. The foam creates a space for the water to flow between the wall and CleanSpace layer. Now any incoming water will flow right down the wall and into the ground without the homeowner aware of it ever happening aside from the new lack of moisture in the finished area of this basement.


Adding an Egress into a Partially Finished Nashville MI Basement

Doug has a partially finished basement and wants to add an egress window to the part that is not finished. Egress windows provide a safe exit in case of emergencies and allow extra natural light into the space!

Work Requests From Nashville, MI
Project Location: Nashville, MI
The floor is not level .
Project Location: Nashville, MI
The address given is for my Dad's house. He has a leak in a concrete basement wall and the concrete in the front of the house, sidewalk and garage has settled and is uneven.
Project Location: Nashville, MI
Mold issue in the crawl space of our home. Found a leak due to our air conditioning system leaking. Got that's fixed but it caused mold in the crawl space and now we have a lingering oder in our home when it gets humid outside or the house is closed up for long periods of time. Our home is a manufactured home with a crawl space that runs the length/width of the house.
Project Location: Nashville, MI
Approach to my garage has settled and cracked needs to be lifted to match the garage floor.
Project Location: Nashville, MI
30x10 dry crawl space needs insulated.
Project Location: Nashville, MI
Baught a house and has a dirt wall in the middle of basment between two pads of cement
Project Location: Nashville, MI
Garage floor is sagging on one side
Project Location: Nashville, MI
Blocks are separating at sw corner of dwelling.
Project Location: Nashville, MI
Flooding and sump pump questions. Would like a professional look at the problem and what could fix said problem.
Project Location: Nashville, MI
Old Michigan basement(stone). Water leakage, some crumbling but mostly in good shape. Needs some repointing. Only 10x10 space and maybe 4.5' tall.
Project Location: Nashville, MI
VA loan says I need to fix the basement water leak before the sale of house.
Project Location: Nashville, MI
Wet basement. One wall.