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Foundation Wall Crack Sealed, Waterproofed In Mishawaka, IN

Foundation Wall Crack Sealed, Waterproofed In Mishawaka, IN

Before After
Foundation Wall Crack Sealed, Waterproofed In Mishawaka, IN Foundation Wall Crack Sealed, Waterproofed In Mishawaka, IN

This wall crack had been plaguing this basement for some time now. When it rained, water flowed through the crack and onto the basement floor. The homeowner wondered if there was anything we could do. There was. We had a simple, attractive, and economical solution. It's called FlexiSpan. We put a sealant on the crack. This is just a primary solution but its not permanent so we go a few steps further to make sure the crack never bothers the homeowner again. Next we removed some of the concrete at the base of the crack and dug out a drywell, about 3-5 gallons in size and filled that with stone. The concrete was replaced with the exception of a small gap along the wall so water could run into the drywell that we created beneath the concrete. In cases like this with a nearby sump pump, we may also create hole in the side of the sump well to allow the water to flow into the well and be removed from the home. Finally a thin foam layer and a strip of our durable CleanSpace material is put over the crack to conceal it. The foam allows for an easy flow of water down the wall and into the well. The problem is out of sight and out of mind and it will never puddle on the floor again.

Poly Level Fixes Sinking Slab in Mishawaka, IN

Poly Level Fixes Sinking Slab in Mishawaka, IN

Before After
Poly Level Fixes Sinking Slab in Mishawaka, IN Poly Level Fixes Sinking Slab in Mishawaka, IN

This customer contacted us because they wanted to lift the northwest corner of their garage slab that has sunk over time. We were able to go through and drill small holes (smaller than a penny) and insert our PolyLevel to raise the slab back to its original height. The PolyLevel can be driven on 15 minutes after installation and won't ever wash out after being installed. The PolyLevel is also able to lift almost 4,000 pounds per square foot of material, which is insanely strong. This is a great option to restore property value and no one will have to trip on the uneven ground. 

Installing PowerBrace in Mishawaka, IN

Installing PowerBrace in Mishawaka, IN

Before After
Installing PowerBrace in Mishawaka, IN Installing PowerBrace in Mishawaka, IN

A bowing wall in Dylan’s basement was beginning to form cracks as well. To fix this problem our team installed the PowerBrace foundation repair system on his wall. This system will immediately stop the wall from bowing and cracking more. Over time, the system can be tightened to not only secure the walls in place, but to also straighten them.

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Ayers Basement Systems specializes in foundation and structural repair, and we have fixed and restored hundreds of basement and crawl space foundations in Mishawaka and throughout Indiana. Whether you're dealing with a cracked foundation, bowing basement walls, sagging floors, uneven slab foundation, or another structural problem, Ayers Basement Systems has a solution.

Why Mishawaka homeowners choose us:

  • 40+ years of experience
  • 25-year warranty on foundation repair products
  • Proven structural repair methods and trained professionals
  • Financing options available (call for details)

If you're looking for a professional foundation repair contractor in Mishawaka, Ayers Basement Systems has the experience, products, and technicians needed for repair work done right. Call us at 1-844-262-2971 to schedule your free, no-obligation inspection and cost estimate.

Basement & Crawl Space Foundation Repair in Mishawaka

The right foundation repair depends on the type of foundation you have. We will evaluate your home and recommend the best foundation repair solution. We are an experienced foundation repair company in Mishawaka with the experience, equipment, and skills to fix basement foundations and crawl space foundations. 

Solutions we offer:

  • Steel push piers and helical piers
  • Adjustable crawl space beam and joist supports
  • Helical anchors and GeoLock wall anchors
  • Steel wall braces
  • Carbon-fiber wall straps
  • Underpinning

Foundation Crack Repair in Mishawaka

Cracks in a foundation could be caused by normal settling or a serious foundation problem. When the soil around your home settles and expands, this puts pressure on the foundation walls and can cause bulging and cracks in poured concrete or block foundation walls. If you have horizontal, vertical, or stair-step cracking in your foundation, contact Ayers Basement Systems today to have your foundation inspected by one of our professionals.

Foundation problem signs include:

  • Doors that stick
  • Windows that are difficult to open or have cracks
  • Sloping or buckling floors
  • Cracks in drywall
  • Gaps between the wall and the ceiling
  • Large cracks in the exterior concrete
  • Water in the basement or crawl space

Ayers Basement Systems offers solutions to stabilize and straighten foundation walls and help prevent further foundation cracking. We offer warrantied foundation wall solutions for homes in Mishawaka.

For a free cost estimate on home foundation repair in Mishawaka, IN, call the structural repair experts at Ayers Basement Systems today. We're the trusted foundation repair contractor for hundreds of homeowners in the area. Let us help you restore your home's safety and your peace of mind today!

Job Stories From Mishawaka, IN
Stopping a Foundation from Settling

Caroline noticed clear signs in her home that her foundation was settling. Her doors were closing improperly and a gap began to form between the walls and the flooring on the upper levels. Wanting an immediate solution, Caroline contacted Ayers to help.


Our resident foreman Blade was able to inspect the area and prescribe a treatment plan that would meet Caroline's needs. Blade ended up thinking that Helical Piers would be the best tool to stabilize the home's foundation.


Helical Piers are a tool trusted by Ayers due to their non-intrusive nature compared to other foundational repair systems. The piers are long screw-shaped drives that are driven deep under the home at an angle. The drives kee[ going till they pass the weak soil and find new firm ground. The tops of the piers are capped with load-bearing caps that provide a flat surface for the home to rest upon.

Lifting Sinking Garage in Mishawaka, IN

Tracey’s garage was beginning to sink. She was not sure what to do to resolve her issue. She called Ayers Basement Systems and we had just the solution. We used PolyLevel to lift and stabilize her garage floor. PolyLevel requires fewer holes, is a waterproof material, environmentally friendly, and can be driven on in fifteen minutes. Tracey was able to lift her garage floor without the inconveniencing her family’s entire life.

Solutions for Foundation Settlement in Mishawaka, IN

Tracey began noticing signs that her foundation was beginning to settle. At the time she did not realize that is what the signs meant. Her floor was sagging, the doors sticking,  and stair step cracks on the outside of the home. Settlement can happen for various reasons including the drying and shrinking of soil and the wetting and softening of soil.

Our team of experts decided to install piers for Tracey. Piers are used to support the weight of the home and transfer the weight to more competent soils capable of supporting the home. These piers provide the greatest chance to lift the home back to its original position, is a quick installation, and requires minimal disturbance to Tracey and her family.


Solutions for Foundation Settlement in Mishawaka, IN - Photo 1
PowerBrace Saves Failing Wall in Mishawaka, MI

Todd P. of Mishawaka, MI was having foundation wall issues before he gave us a call. One of his foundation walls was cracked and tipping, creating a serious safety problem for Todd and his family.

Our solution? The PowerBrace foundation wall support system. PowerBrace stabilizes tilting, bowing, or buckling basement walls. The system uses steel I-beams that secure to the joists above the wall, offering a true, maximum support for the most important walls in your home. PowerBrace can also be installed with an adjustment/tightening kit that can be used to eventually bring the foundation wall back to its original state. 

Moldy, Humid Basement Remedied by SaniDry CX

Rick F. of Mishawaka, MI did not see any water in his crawl space but it was very humid before he gave us a call. This humidity is encouraging mold growth so he wanted to figure out why it is so humid and see if it could be resolved.

The answer is yes -- it could be resolved. We installed our SaniDry CX crawl space dehumidifier. The SaniDry CX is small and compact but very powerful, being able to collect up to 109 pints of water without its collection tray having to be emptied. This makes for an efficient way to rid crawl spaces of unwanted moisture -- and fast.

FlexiSpan Applied To Leaking Wall Crack In Mishawaka, IN

Larry had a finished basement that started to develop a wet area. A large puddle was forming consistently in an space with drywall and carpet. Not good. Larry started cutting away drywall and pulling up the carpet and found that a small amount of mold was beginning to develop. He needed the wet area to be waterproofed while the damage was minimal. 

Fortunately, we had a solution for him for that would impact only a very small area of the finished basement and would be relatively simple. We pulled away the drywall over the impacted wall cavity to reveal the foundation wall crack that was leaking. We then injected the crack with a sealant as a primary defense. Next, came the backup defense because sealants are not generally a reliable fix over time, although they can help. A small area of concrete at the base of the wall beneath the crack was excavated and a drywell about 3-5 gallons in size was dug out. We then filled the drywell with stone and replaced the concrete on top all except for a small gap. This allows any incoming water to run down the wall and into the drywell beneath the foundation. To keep the finished basement from being impacted by water, the crack is covered with our durable mold and mildew-resistant CleanSpace material. Between the CleanSpace and the wall, a foam layer provides a space for the water to flow freely. The crack is permanently waterproofed. Behind the finished walls, Larry will never notice the crack again and any leaks will go unnoticed. He can rest easy knowing that his finished basement will be free of puddles in the future, at least from this pesky crack. 

FlexiSpan Applied To Leaking Wall Crack In Mishawaka, IN - Photo 1FlexiSpan Applied To Leaking Wall Crack In Mishawaka, IN - Photo 2FlexiSpan Applied To Leaking Wall Crack In Mishawaka, IN - Photo 3
Work Requests From Mishawaka, IN
Project Location: Mishawaka, IN
The front corner of my porch foundation is "sinking" and one of my porch pillars is now tilted away from the house. Looking at solutions and estimates.
Project Location: Mishawaka, IN
Inquiring about potential foundation issues in basement.
Project Location: Mishawaka, IN
Our garage has a lean to the left. Before siding it, I'd like to see if the issue is a foundation problem or another issue.
Project Location: Mishawaka, IN
Supports in the basement are placed by former owners and are random. Looks like we have damage to one of the basement walls. Do you give free estimates?
Project Location: Mishawaka, IN
Need repair on some crumbling brick
Project Location: Mishawaka, IN
Water leaking from foundation and noticeable water damage on walls.
Project Location: Mishawaka, IN
We need to get a quote for some foundation work that failed RSVP. Can forward the list from code. Thank you.
Project Location: Mishawaka, IN
We have stair step cracks on the exterior of our brick house in a few places. Concerned about the foundation.
Project Location: Mishawaka, IN
I am experiencing cracks in my drywall/ ceiling
Project Location: Mishawaka, IN
I need a section of foundation repaired or replaced. Most of the foundation has been replaced.
Project Location: Mishawaka, IN
We have a crawl space under part of our house and have a hard time keeping the temperature regulated in that part of the house. Also have a crack where wall meets ceiling in laundry room that had gotten bigger in last year.
Project Location: Mishawaka, IN
I need to have my basement repaired due to foundation cracks. There were previous attempts to repair but it did not work.
Project Location: Mishawaka, IN
Crack in basement floor is leaking water at times.
Project Location: Mishawaka, IN
Looking for a quote to repair my sloping garage.
Project Location: Mishawaka, IN
Basement wall bowing
Project Location: Mishawaka, IN
Basement wall leaks when it rains
Project Location: Mishawaka, IN
We had some standing water in a part of our crawl space. There is a hairline crack in our foundation which may be the cause. We need to have it evaluated.
Project Location: Mishawaka, IN
Basement floods when it rains because of foundation
Project Location: Mishawaka, IN
Two egress windows
Project Location: Mishawaka, IN
I need a basement bedroom egress window. 1922 full poured basement thick walls.
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