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Basement Waterproofing, Foundation Repair, & Crawl Space Repair Company Serving Hillsdale County, Michigan

We not only adhere to the highest industry standards, we strive to be the industry leader in the home improvement related services we provide. We also use state-of-the-art products and technology which are designed to fix your home. We are the authorized Basement Systems dealer in Hillsdale County, MI.

Services we offer in Hillsdale County:

  • Wet/flooded basement waterproofing solutions.
  • Lifetime warranty on all perimeter waterproofing systems.
  • Foundation and structural repair solutions.
  • 25-year warranty against manufacturing defects on foundation products.
  • Crawl space sealing with CleanSpace vapor barrier.
  • 25-year warranty on crawl space encapsulation systems.
  • Concrete lifting and leveling powered by PolyLEVEL to repair sidewalks, driveways and uneven steps.
  • Financing Available
  • FREE written estimates and inspections, and fast installation
Job Stories From Hillsdale County, MI
Jerome, MI Crawl Space and Basement Problems

Pat K. from Jerome, MI had two different properties that were both experiencing lower-level problems. He has a Michigan basement and a crawlspace and had some floors that were uneven. He said that you could ever feel air through the walls of both. 

To solve these problems, we first tackled the 3 foot high crawl space. We installed our patented SmartJack crawl space stabilizers. SmartJack functions as a supplemental support system for sagging crawl spaces. They are adjustable and can often bring the falling floor joists back to their original position.

We then installed our CleanSpace crawl space encapsulation system. CleanSpace is a 20mm thick plastic liner that completely blocks out all elements surrounding the crawl space. This includes dirt, water, and even cold air. The system also has anti-microbial properties, safely eliminating the possibility of any mold growth.

Taking a look at Pat's basement, we installed our PowerBrace system to support the walls. PowerBrace uses steel I-beams that attach to the floor joists to stabilize bowing, tilting, or buckling basement walls. This brought Pat's basement walls back to a safe position.

To finish off the basement, our team installed our Basement To Beautiful insulated wall panels. B2B panels have a unique SilverGlo insulation to exceed building code. No more cold!

Complete Waterproofing in Reading, MI

Jenna T. from Reading, MI had flooding in her basement after Christmas -- she got about 5 inches. She thought it was coming in from the cement foundation. With this being said, she called us.

After an inspection, we decided the best way to handle this situation would be to install the WaterGuard French drain system and the SuperSump premier sump pump system. WaterGuard rests below the basement floor and above the foundation footing, collecting the water that seeps in from the outside. That water is then directed to the sump pump to be pumped outside of the house.

The SuperSump is a sump pump specifically designed to keep your basement dry for long periods of time. Capable of pumping 2,220 gallons of water per hour, it is suitable for heavy water intrusion. This sump pump works perfectly with the WaterGuard system, making a great team.

Keeping Rain Water Out of Hillsdale, MI Home

Laurie S. had just bought a house and every time it rained for more than an hour, the basement would leak at the cove. Standing water was a major issue for this homeowner and the problem wasn’t disclosed at the time of purchase, so a reliable and efficient fix is just what this homeowner needed.

To collect water that was entering the home we installed the WaterGuard system. For this installation we removed parts of the flooring at the base of the walls in basement to place pipes. The pipes were installed on top of the footing and placed slightly away from the wall to ensure water entering the home would be able to easily drain into the system and then directly exit into the sump pump. The excavated flooring was filled with cement to restore the floors and the homeowner no longer had to worry about standing water on the basement floor. Inspection ports were also installed to give us access if the system stops working properly.

The WaterGuard system directs intruding water to the sump pump to then be pumped out of the home. In order for that process to go smoothly, we installed the effective SuperSump sump pump system. This system has an effective pump and sturdy liner to collect and discard water efficiently. It also has an airtight lid to prevent water in the system from evaporating into the basement, which would further contribute to the moisture issues in the space. A floor drain is also located on the lid that allows water to easily enter the sump if a flood or large leak occurs.

To combat frozen discharge lines in the winter we installed the IceGuard system that ensures exiting water is able to flow out of the lines through large openings, which will prevent it from re-entering the home and causing further issues. The LawnScape outlet was installed on the end of the discharge line to carry water away from the property so it can exit without flowing back toward the house.

CleanSpace Eliminates Cold Air from Crawl Space in Jerome, MI

Pat K. of Jerome, MI was dealing with cold air coming from his crawl space. Along with that, his crawl space was just dirty and he wanted to solve these issues.

Our fix? The CleanSpace crawl space encapsulation system. CleanSpace is a 20mm thick white plastic lining that completely seals off the crawl space from the surrounding elements. No dirt, water, or cold air stands a chance at passing through this material. As an added bonus, CleanSpace is made with anti-microbial properties that prevent mold growth.

Pat, say goodbye to crawl space problems!

Wet Crawl Space Resurrected by CleanSpace

Douglas K. of Osseo, MI had standing water in his crawl space and needed a solution. Standing water can not only ruin the items stored in the crawl space, but it can cause humidity issues. This said, Douglas gave us a call.

Our solution? The CleanSpace crawl space encapsulation system. CleanSpace is a 20mm thick plastic lining that seals off the crawl space fro the surrounding elements. No dirt, water, cold air, or moisture will enter the space with this system in place. Plus, as an added bonus, CleanSpace is made with anti-microbial properties that prevent mold growth.

A Crawl Space: NOT a Critter Home

Sydney M. of Osseo, MI had a critter problem before she called us. Small rodents were making a home out of her crawl space, making the space a gross, infested, area. 

Our fix? The CleanSpace crawl space encapsulation system. CleanSpace is a 20mm thick plastic lining that seals off the crawl space from all the surrounding elements. No dirt, cold air, water, or animals will invade this space. And as an added bonus, CleanSpace is developed with anti-microbial properties that prevent the growth of mold. 

Water in Basement Resolved by WaterGuard in Jerome, MI

Angela O. of Jerome, MI had a big water problem before she called us. There was water coming in from the floor and she needed this fixed because she wanted to finish off the basement. The last thing you want to do is finish off your basement if there is water all over the floor that could ruin the basement.

Our solution? The WaterGuard French drain system. WaterGuard rests below the basement floor and above the foundation footing, collecting water that seeps into the basement. Once this water is collected by the drain, it is redirected to the sump pump to be pumped up and out of the home. WaterGuard is the perfect solution for a basement hat experiences constant or occasional water seepage.

Trees Leaning on Foundation in Reading, MI

Robert M. of Reading, MI has a cottage that needed a foundation repair. Two trees were leaning on and pushing in on the foundation of the cottage but Robert and his family wanted to keep the trees in place. We had a solution for him.

We installed our trustworthy PowerBrace system for this job. PowerBrace is a foundation wall repair system that stabilizes tilting bucking, or bowing basement walls. The system uses steel I-beams that secure to the joists above the wall, saving this foundation from crumbling due to the two trees outside. 

Now Robert and his family can feel safe living in their home without fear of a failing foundation, thanks to our patented PowerBrace system. 

Basement Waterproofing in Jerome, MI

The homeowners in Jerome, MI had water coming up through the floors in their basement. The water started pooling and damaging the floors. 

Our professional team knew exactly what needed to be done! Our team frist started by installing our WaterGuard long lasting interior perimeter drainage system. The WaterGuard system sits on the top of the footing along the perimeter of the basement. They put it on the top of the footing in order to preventing clogging from mud or other debris. The product catches wall and floor seepage before it damages the basement floor. Once the water gets into the drainage system it is directed straight to the sump pump and then it is removed from the home. 

Next, our team installed the TripleSafe sump pump. The TripleSafe sump pump has three sump pumps in one giving you triple protection! The first pump will remove water from your home effectively. The second pump has a seperate discharge line and is more powerful. The second pump is there for you on the rare ocassion that you need it. The third pump is equipped with batteries so it is there for you if the power goes out! 

Thanks to WaterGuard and the TripleSafe sump pump the homeowners basement is now clean and dry! 

No More Sagging Floors in Hillsdale, MI

Sagging floors sometimes leave you wondering how much longer they can support the weight that is placed on them in your home. Floors above your crawl space can sag for many reasons: the existing columns are spaced too far apart, the floor joists have weakened from moisture/wood rot, or existing coumns have settled due to weak soil. No need to worry though, there is a solution to your sagging floors that will give you peace of mind. 

This apartment complex noticed not only sagging floors, but the doors were sticking and walls were beginning to crack, all signs of foundation problems. Our experts looked into this and figured out the best solution to this problem would be to install our crawl space SmartJacks. 

SmartJacks are made of steel so they won't rust from moisture. They are also very strong and can support loads of more than 60,000 pounds. You're probably wondering how they work. Before each jack is placed a 2 inch cube of soil is excavated and the hole is filled with concrete or a type of engineered fill. Then the steel column is cut to your crawl space height and the jack is assembled and tightened into place. The immediately stabilized the floor joists and lifts the floors and walls back to their original position. 

Severe Bowing Walls in Camden, MI Home

It’s clear to see in the first image that something’s just not right with these walls. This is a perfect example of bowed walls, and why they are not a joke. Bowed walls are often the result of hydrostatic pressure. As water saturates the backfill-soil surrounding the foundation, the water exerts pressure on the foundation walls. Installing the PowerBrace system in this home was the best solution for combating the hydrostatic pressure and straightening these walls over time. 12 corrosion-resistant, zinc beams were carefully installed to reinforce the floor joists in order to distribute the load evenly preventing damage to the floor system above it. These beams can be tightened over time to continue to stabilize the walls, putting them back in their place.

Severe Bowing Walls in Camden, MI Home - Photo 1Severe Bowing Walls in Camden, MI Home - Photo 2
Encapsulating Crawl Spaces in Camden, MI

Thomas and Becky had a damp crawl space, so they called our team. We installed CleanSpace, SmartSump and we insulated their rim joists. CleanSpace is a plastic sheet material used as a vapor barrier to restrict all moisture, outside air, and pests from entering your crawl space. Not only does this system create an energy-efficient crawl space, but it also gives your crawl space a clean finish. The SmartSump Crawl Space Sump Pump prevents flooding by reducing moisture in the crawl space and by removing any water quickly. The drain connected to the pump takes the water out of your crawl space while not allowing any damp air to enter. Insulating rim joists seals off all cracks that exist around them. Now air and water vapor can no longer seep through those cracks.

Using CleanSpace Wall System in Reading, MI

Nick and Pam had a lot of water entering their basement through their walls. They called our team and so we installed the CleanSpace Basement Finishing Wall System to prevent any more water intrusion. Using a poly sheet material to completely cover basement foundation walls this system acts as a vapor and moisture barrier. The material is waterproof, stain resistant and can be applied over many different types of surfaces. This system was perfect for Nick and Pam and put a stop to all water intrusion into her basement immediately.

Using CleanSpace Wall System in Reading, MI - Photo 1
Installing TripleSafe in Reading, MI

Homeowners were having trouble with pumping all the water out of their basement. Their current sump pump was working constantly, but it still couldn't keep up. So our team installed the TripleSafe Sump Pump System. This system prevents flooding in extreme weather conditions and even during power outages due to it having a battery powered pump. Most importantly, this system can handle the highest pumping demands due to it having three pumps.

Installing TripleSafe in Reading, MI - Photo 1
Using IceGuard in Reading, MI

Homeowners were struggling with keeping water out of their basement. In addition to installing several other systems, our team installed IceGuard to prevent any more water intrusion. The IceGuard Sump Pump Discharge Line System allows water to leave even when the discharge line is frozen. Therefore, this system prevents flooding even in freezing temperatures or when the snow is piled up high.

Using IceGuard in Reading, MI - Photo 1
Installing SmartJack in Reading, MI

Customers were experiencing sagging in their floors so they called our team. We installed SmartJack, a system produced to halt your sagging floors. Floors above crawl spaces are vulnerable due to the moisture and soils in your crawl space. The Smart Jack system is a permanent fix to these issues. It uses steel columns, threaded rods and a solid base to address any issues your crawl space may introduce to your floors. Installing this system usually takes less than a day and it provides immediate stabilization.

Installing SmartJack in Reading, MI - Photo 1
Installing WaterGuard and IceGuard in Reading, MI

Robin and Warren consistently had water entering their home so they called our team. We installed WaterGuard and IceGuard to protect their basement. WaterGuard is a basement drainage system that is installed inside your basement in order to avoid it being clogged. This drain will catch any leakage from higher walls or floors before it reaches your basement floor. The IceGuard Sump Pump Discharge Line System allows water to leave even when the line is frozen. Therefore, this system prevents flooding even in freezing temperatures.

Basement Dehumidifiers in Reading, MI

A customer had heavy water vapor in his crawl space so our team installed the SaniDry XP Basement Dehumidifier. The biggest perk of this humidifier is that it never needs to be emptied because the water drains automatically. In addition, it is ten times more powerful than typical dehumidifiers. This dehumidifier will greatly improve the salon's conditions by removing water vapor which will prevent the growth of mold. 

Supporting a Sinking Camden Home

David's home was built on clay and he recently noticed that there settling between the home and the driveway. He is looking to sell the home soon but wanted to make sure that the foundation was good before doing so. He called us to come take a look and see what we could do. We installed Helical Piers to stabilize the foundation of the garage. The piers have fast, year-round installation and can help lift settled foundations back to the original level.


Bowing Walls Corrected in Reading, MI

Peggy noticed that some of the walls in her basement were bowing pretty heavily. Luckily there were no signs of intruding water from the cracks but this can become a problem. PowerBrace is a foundation repair system created to secure basement walls in place and over time it will straighten them. Often outside pressures can cause your basement walls to crack or tilt, this foundation repair system counteracts these pressures by keeping your basement walls in place. Over time, the system can be tightened to not only secure the walls in place but also straighten them. Peggy will have the reassurance that her walls will be supported now and can be adjusted in the future.

Installing the Best Three-Part System in Reading, MI

Valeria continuously had water coming in her basement after heavy rain and snowmelt. She could quite pin down where it was coming from, but she knows it is causing issues like mold. Mold leads to bad smells, increased allergens, and decreased overall home health. Our team installed the best three-part system; A TripleSafe Sump Pump, a SaniDry Sedona Dehumidifier, and the WaterGuard Drain. 

The TripleSafe system is unique in that it is a battery-operated system with three pumps, one for everyday use, one for larger than average volumes of water, and one for when the power goes out to ensure drainage even in the dark. The SaniDry Sedona is more powerful than any other dehumidifier and drains automatically so you don’t have to empty out any water from the system. It will control humidity and make sure to stop mold growth, kill off dust mites, and make your whole house drier and healthier. Lastly, we installed WaterGuard, a drainage system that is installed inside the home that catches water that falls from higher up on the walls or seeping in from various places in the basement like the water that Valeria is having problems with. Waterguard is easily installed and is nearly invisible once the concrete is replaced and dries.

All of Valeria's bases are covered with this three-part system. The systems will work together to ensure her basement is dry and her home stays healthy for years to come.

Warming Cold Floors in Jerome, MI

Nathan could feel the cold air from his crawl space through his main floor carpet. Having to walk around your own house always having to have your feet covered is a big inconvenience so he called our team to see what we could do. Our team installed CleanSpace to warm up Nathan's CrawlSpace.

Clean space is an uninterrupted vapor barrier designed to keep out any unwanted pests, moisture, and mold. This barrier restricts airflow and therefore makes controlling the temperature, and increasing the temperature, of the home much easier. CleanSpace is applied to the floors and walls and wrapped around pillars and piers carefully to ensure that the space looks clean and refreshed. 

Nathan will now be able to walk around his home sock/slipper-free and not have to worry about having cold feet. Even in the winter months, Nathan can rest easy knowing his crawl space is taken care of. 

Keeping Air Breathable in a Jonesville Crawl Space

This family has been in the home for 40 years but have recently found it hard to breathe and are worried about mold. They also wanted to make their crawl space neat and useable so they called us to see if there was a solution that can solve both of their problems. We had the crawl space repair for them to make the area neater as well as have good, breathable air throughout the home. We installed the CleanSpace Liner which is a durable, thick liner similar to a pool liner. The CleanSpace liner keeps humidity and water vapor out of the area as well as deterring pests. By keeping the space dry, you protect it from mold and rot which can cause odors or air that is harder to breath. We also installed the SaniDry Sedona which is a dehumidifier that keeps dry air circulating throughout the space. Its small size can fit in crawl spaces and removes damp, musty odors by drying and filtering air as well as filters mold spores, dust mite droppings, dust and other particles.

Stabilizing Sagging Floors in Reading MI

Lauralee and Andy have an older home and the floors are starting to sag. To keep the home stable and safe, we installed SmartJacks. This system, made up of steel beams attached to the floor joists with a sturdy base at the floor, stabilizes the sagging floors and lifts the floors back to the original level. The posts are easily adjusted at any point if your home is in need of it so that there is a permanent solution to the homes problems! 

Saving the foundation of a Osseo Home

Angela and Guillermo recently bought a home built in 1900. Not being able to tour the home before purchase, they discovered issues they were not expecting. Seeing a different company before ours, they were recommended to tare down the home. Wanting a 2nd opinion, the couple contacted Ayers. Our resident foreman Blade was able to inspect the home and give Angela and Guillermo a plan to save their new home.


Blade and his team installed SmartJack piers and a new sump pump along with a CleanSpace lining.


SmartJack Piers are steel rods placed strategically along a home's Rim Joist. The bottoms are anchored into the foundational floor with poured concrete. The tops are fixed with loadbearing joints and adjusted in eight till constant supportive pressure is applied to the home's supportive framework.


The pumps used by Ayers are known as TripleSafe pumps. Ayers trusts their pumps because they come with three levels of defense against high water yields. The 1st level is a powerful pump meant to handle most amounts of water. If the water level gets too high the 2nd level is a backup motor that activates if the 1st gets overworked. The final level is a reserve battery that activates if the home's power is shut off during a flood.


To finish the project, Blade fitted the home with CleanSpace lining. CleanSpace is an antimicrobial barrier that prevents moisture from damaging the Supportworks underneath.



New Support Works in Jonesville

Patricia noticed cracks in her basement floor and felt like this might be a sign of other issues. Wanting to play it safe, she contacted Ayers to have an inspection be performed. Our resident foreman Randy was able to inspect the home and concluded by telling Patricia that her foundation was settling.


To ensure the safety of her home, Randy and his team installed SmartJack piers.


SmartJack piers are metal beams placed strategically along the structure's supportive rim joist. The bottoms are anchored into the ground with poured concrete while the tops are capped with load-bearing joints that are attached to the rim joist. The entire pier's height is adjusted till there is constant pressure being applied, reintroducing support to the entire framework.



Stabilizing a Lakefront Reading, MI Home

We addressed Diane’s water intrusion issues for her Reading, MI home back in 2012. While her home remains completely waterproof, the floors have started to sag, and the home has begun leaning toward their lake. She called Ayers again for an inspection. Our crew determined that Push Piers would accurately stabilize her foundation. 

Push Piers are round steel tubes that help carry the load of homes that are sinking or settling. It has a bracket that is secured to the outside footing of the foundation and is driven into the soil below. The weight of the home is transferred from the unstable soil causing settlement to the steel pier. 

Diane was thrilled with the work done by Ayers on her home for the second time. She can sleep soundly knowing her home is safe, stable, and secure forever. 

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Foundation Repair estimate
Project Location: Hillsdale, MI
I have water settling in my driveway and leaking into my chimney. The drive way slopes right towards my chimney and water leaks into my basement from the ash door of the chimney. I not sure what to do to fix the problem. I tried to apply roof tar around the bottom of the chimney, but still leaks.
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