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Foundation Repair Services in Detroit

Ayers Basement Systems is dedicated to repairing the variety of foundation problems for Detroit homeowners. A sinking foundation can be a huge risk for the structural integrity and long-term value of your home. When your foundation was originally built, tightly packed soils that were previously untouched were removed to make room for your home. Once the hole was backfilled with the same soil, this process impacted the structure by making it looser and susceptible to absorb water. Unfortunately, the unusable soil can generate an array of problems for your home, including foundation settlement, bowing walls, and more. With over four decades of experience, Ayers Basement Systems's trusted experts are ready to install top-quality, fully-warrantied products to solve any and all foundation repair problems specifically for your home.

Foundation Problems and Solutions

Identifying a foundation issue is only one-half of the equation. Once you know the problem, how do you solve it? Let's take a look:

Problem: Foundation Wall Issues

Bowing walls, cracks in concrete walls, and collapsing retaining walls are all common issues, and are among the more clear-cut signs of a foundation issue. Of course, the causes of these structural damages are many. Bowing walls can result from hydrostatic pressure in the fill-in soil around your foundation walls.

This fill-in soil is dug out to make way for the foundation and then filled back in after construction is complete, leaving an area of low-density soil around your home which affects drainage rates of water. Retaining walls, designed to resist the lateral pressure of the soils the wall retains, can succumb to bowing and movement over time as the soil it holds changes in weight and density due to rains, freezing, and other environmental pressures. Cracks can form in basement walls as water from the surrounding soil works its way into the porous concrete substrate, where it freezes and thaws as the seasons change.

The water inside the concrete expands as it freezes, pressuring the surrounding concrete to expand in turn and leading to cracks over time. Cracks can also materialize from simple external soil pressures, or from sinking caused by settling soils. No matter the issue and regardless of its cause, we have the solution.

Foundation Wall Solutions

Damaged foundation walls can be fixed using our top-tier technologies. For bowing walls, we install GeoLock® Wall Anchors, which secure the wall to stable soils further away from the home and prevent further bowing. Cracks caused by settling soils can be prevented by the use of helical foundation piers, which drive supporting beams deep into stronger load-bearing soils and prevent further settlement. Wall anchors and helical tiebacks are used to strengthen collapsing retaining walls, providing a level of support even greater than the original structure when it was at full health. Our teams know the problems, and we have the tools to make sure that your foundation woes will be a thing of the past.

Floor Issues

The most common floor issues caused by a failing foundation are unevenness and cracking. The former issue is most commonly caused by the settlement of the soil your foundation rests upon. If the soil beneath your home is struggling to bear the load of your home, it will slowly but surely compress and buckle, leading to strain on your foundation. This strain can lead to parts of your home sinking, causing cracks and uneven floors throughout the structure.

Solutions for Uneven and Cracked Floors

As the causes of uneven and cracked floors are often traced back to weak soils beneath your home, helical piers are a common and proven solution. Installation teams will integrate connection joints to your home's foundation and the foundation pier, which is then guided into the soil under your home until it reaches an area suited to bear the load of your home. The piers will not only level your home and relieve it of the stresses caused by settling soils, but ensure that no further sinking is possible in the future. This is a permanent solution!

Foundation Repair Products

When you have a foundation problem, Ayers Basement Systems understands how important your investment is and how it's critical to accurately fix the issue. Whether your home is experiencing cracked foundation walls, foundation settlement or hydrostatic pressure, Ayers Basement Systems has reliable products that you need to permanently solve your foundation problem and restore value to your home. Each of our foundation repair products complies with the strictest industry standards and has been tried and tested by more than 100 major structural repair contractors throughout North America. Our trusted products offer Detroit homeowners the confidence in our work and the expectation that your foundation will last for years to come.

Our Custom Foundation Repair Products:

Foundation Pier Systems

Our foundation pier systems counteract all types of foundation problems to stabilize your home

Foundation Wall Repair Products

If you have cracked, bowing, or deteriorating basement walls, our foundation wall repair systems can help

Crawlspace Support Posts

Our crawlspace support posts stabilize sagging crawlspace joists and level your home's floors

Spray Concrete

Cellular concrete and shotcrete fill gaps, repair damage, and stabilize deteriorating foundation walls

Why Choose Ayers Basement Systems For Your Foundation Repair

As a homeowner, a foundation problem is one of the biggest challenges you can face. Ayers Basement Systems is Detroit's trusted foundation repair expert who has helped more than 30,000 homeowners, just like you. We have expertise, tools, and technologies to get the job done right, the first time. We've partnered with Supportworks, an international network compromised of elite concrete & foundation repair contractors across North America. This exclusive partnership allows us to stay on the brink of innovative and trusted foundation repair products and services. This has become essential in improving the lives of homeowners in Michigan, and the rest of the country.

Our lifetime warranty-backed products and services will allow you satisfaction in knowing that your home's foundation has been serviced by the best in the industry. We want your home's value to remain at the highest quality for the duration of your stay, and well into the future.

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Egress Window Makes Detroit, MI Basement Safer for Kids

Dechelle's home needed an upgraded Egress Window to ensure her family's safety. She had a playroom downstairs for the kids and wanted to replace the small Egress she had installed previously with another company. She called Ayers for the job and the installation process began. Our Egress Window is much larger than the average basement window which allows for more natural light to enter and makes emergency exits quicker and easier. As the kids get older, the small Egress they had would no longer work for the family. Replacing this with our Egress Window was a wise move. The window is waterproof and comes with an exterior well with a step in it. Dechelle's basement is now more welcoming and safe for her family!


Waterproofing Systems Eliminate Small Puddles During Heavy Rains in Detroit, MI Basement

Nicole was sick of dealing with the puddles of water forming in her basement after heavy rains. She trusted Ayers with our waterproofing expertise, so she decided to contact us. Our experts determined from a free inspection that our WaterGuard System and TripleSafe Sump Pump System would tackle these leaks. The WaterGuard System is laid on the foundation's footing in the subfloor of the basement and along the perimeter. This drainage system collects water leaking through the walls and sends it to the sump pump. Concrete will conceal the system to ensure it blends with the space. We installed TripleSafe as the new sump pump system. This is a three-pump system that works together to keep water under control and off the floor. This sump pump includes a battery-operated pump that will turn on when the power fails. Nicole was ecstatic with this permanent solution that keeps water off her floor!

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