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Leaky Basement Waterproofing and Crawl Space Repair Company Serving Clare, Michigan

Ayers Basement Systems has been serving Clare, Clare County, MI friends, neighbors and family since 1981. We know that fixing a home is more than just a home to them. It's where their family lives and memories are made. Which is why we take our jobs seriously, and treat our customers as we would want to be treated.

So whether you have leaking cinder block walls, cement slab with water coming through it, bowing foundation walls, or a humid crawl space, we can help fix it. We've worked in Clare, MI for years and years, and would be honored to fix your home too.

Repair Services We Offer in Clare:

  • Wet/flooded basement waterproofing solutions.
  • Lifetime warranty on all perimeter waterproofing systems.
  • Foundation and structural repair solutions.
  • 25-year warranty against manufacturing defects on foundation products.
  • Crawl space sealing with CleanSpace vapor barrier.
  • Egress window solutions.
  • 25-year warranty on crawl space encapsulation systems.
  • Concrete lifting and leveling powered by PolyLEVEL to repair sidewalks, driveways and uneven steps.
  • Financing Available
  • FREE written estimates and inspections, and fast installation

Clare, MI Foundation Repair & Concrete Leveling Contractor

Ayers Basement Systems is also an expert at fixing foundations and uneven concrete that may need to be lifted back into place.

We often see problems like:

    • bowed foundation walls
    • cracks in drywall indicating foundation settling
    • uneven front steps
    • sidewalk tripping hazards
    • doors or windows that won't shut without force

These can all be signs of a foundation problem within the soils of the home.

The good news is, there's a way to fix it. Our team of foundation experts uses a slew of products made specifically for fixing foundation problems. They've been tested and proven to last to simplify your life and let you get back to the things you enjoy doing instead.

Contact Ayers Basement Systems today to find a solution for your home's foundation problem in Clare,  MI. Contact us today!

Before and After Pictures from Clare


Wall Anchors Hold Back Trouble in Clare, MI

A bowing wall can threaten a home’s entire structural integrity. Common signs of a bowing wall are horizontal cracking (seen just below the window in the before picture), stair step cracks, and walls that lean towards the top. This Clare, MI home was bowing so far inward that all 3 of those symptoms could be seen. The severity of the foundation damage would require both an internal and external solution.

Our Geo-Lock wall anchors – the external solution – are seen in the after photo, ironically from the inside of the basement. The anchors work by pulling the collapsing wall outward and back toward its original straight position. In the after photo, you can see the Geo-Lock wall plates. These are connected by steel rods to earth anchors that were placed in stronger, unharmed soil. In total, it took 4 wall anchors to pull this basement’s walls out, but it’s a small price to pay when you consider that the Geo-Lock system will continue to improve the walls conditions for years to come. 


Clare, MI Home Has CleanSpace Installed

Dirt crawl spaces are a pain to deal with. They let in outside elements such as water, cold air and bugs - all things no one wants in their home. The first step to eliminating these problems is fixing the water leakage by having a sump pump installed. The next step is isolating the house from the earth. This is where our CleanSpace system that is shown in the picture, works great. It encapulates the entire crawl space making sure no water, bugs, or unwanted cold/hot air can get in. The third step is to make sure all windows and vents are properly sealed off to the outside as well. Lastly, you want to condition or dehumidify the crawl space air. We have a great unit for this called the SaniDry Sedona, also pictured. It's efficient at stopping mold growth and getting rid of that musty smell. 


WaterGuard System and TripleSafe Team up to Resolve Water Leaks in Clare, MI Basement

Kat noticed water leaking into her basement through some wall cracks which was frustrating for her as this was making her belongings wet. She decided to make the call to Ayers for professional help and our crew was able to determine she needed our WaterGuard System and our TripleSafe Sump Pump System after a free inspection was conducted. The WaterGuard System will provide the perfect fix for her as this is a sub-floor drainage system that will collect water leaking in through the walls. It is placed along the perimeter of the basement and concealed with concrete. TripleSafe is a three pump system that fits in one durable liner, keeping water out of her basement. 


Kat was very grateful to have a waterproofing system installed that will permanently protect her basement belongings!

Case Studies From Clare

Stabilizing and Lifting Sunken Floors in Clare MI


Greg and Karey noticed that their floor was separating from the wall in their home. They really wanted the floors to be better than they currently...

Work Requests From Clare, MI
Project Location: Clare, MI
This person has filled out the Star Power Pro survey on that you sent them and is interested in another service you provide: Egress Windows. Please contact them to schedule a new appointment for this service. This is a no-charge lead.
Project Location: Clare, MI
I would like to look at options and cost to fix sagging floor issue in our dining room.
Project Location: Clare, MI
We have 2 children that we love and want to ensure that the home we are living in is safe from any forming of mold or damage in our crawl space. We would like professional advice on if everything is up to par or if things must be done. Thank you for your time.
Project Location: Clare, MI
Water coming in to my house soaking are carpet we believe there's a whole or crack in are foundation are Contractor tore down our chimney and replaced it and it is leaking
Project Location: Clare, MI
Water is flowing into crawl space likely from pond water table. Would like a game plan to devert that away from house. French type drain etc.
Project Location: Clare, MI
In need of crawl space repair! Trying to sell house.
Project Location: Clare, MI
Michigan basement
Project Location: Clare, MI
I would like an estimate for putting one egress window into my basement
Project Location: Clare, MI
I bought this house two years ago. The basement was dry when I first got here and then there was a flood (no sump pump). Had sump installed (very small hole, only about 11 inches deep and a square foot opening) but the basement is still always wet. Not standing water, but wet. If my sump pump goes out, it starts to fill up immediately. I'd like to have a professional look at it and tell me what needs to be done to get that basement dry and keep it dry. Thank you.
Project Location: Clare, MI
We recently discovered an area where water seems to be coming into our basement bathroom. We haven't completely demolished the affected material, but hope to this weekend. Additionally, we would like to put new flooring throughout the lower level of our home.
Project Location: Clare, MI
Our crawlspace is filled with water. My husband has to pump it out almost everyday. We have the pipe laid from outside of the crawlspace to the pond. We need someone to lay the materials in the crawlspace. We are concerned with mold and rust.
Project Location: Clare, MI
Looking at a house to buy with previous water in basement. Wanting to get it inspected for damage.
Project Location: Clare, MI
Old tree ruts/letting water in basement
Project Location: Clare, MI
We have purchased a cabin with a wet crawl space causing the floors in the house to be damp/wet and a musty odor throughout. The floors have also sagged. We want to take care of the issues before we install flooring and restore the home.