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Foundation repair and concrete leveling in Cass, MI

Foundation settlement

If your walls are coming apart from your ceiling, you might have foundation settlement.

Do you have a faulty foundation? As the base for the rest of your home's structural integrity, it's crucial to ensure that your foundation is supported as well as possible. Sometimes, this is easier said than done. The soils around your home might not be well-suited for bearing heavy loads, so it's up to foundation repair specialists like Ayers Basement Systems to restore your foundation and save you money in the long run.

There are many potential problems your foundation might face, including foundation settlement, foundation heave, street creep, and many more. Here are some of the common signs and symptoms of foundation problems:

  • Cracks in floors and walls
  • Uneven, sloping, or sagging floors
  • Bowing walls
  • Sticking windows and doors
  • Tilting chimneys

Ayers Basement Systems can solve these and other issues using high-quality foundation repair products. As a part of the Foundation Supportworks dealer network, we have access to products specifically designed for foundations by structural and geotechnical engineers - leaders in their fields. We can stop foundation settlement in its tracks and oftentimes lift your foundation back to its original position, removing cracks and uneven floors. We can also use wall anchors to restore bowing walls, or crawl space support posts to lift a sagging crawl space floor. No foundation repair job is too complex for our talented teams!

We also offer concrete lifting and leveling services using PolyLevel. Over time, the weight of a concrete slab can cause it to sink, creating cracks and bumps in your driveway, sidewalk, pool deck, and more. PolyLevel is a lightweight polyurethane foam that is injected beneath a sunken concrete slab and expands, lifting the concrete to its original position. A much better alternative to mudjacking, PolyLevel will help make your property safer and restore its curb appeal!

Are you in need of any basement waterproofing, crawl space repair, foundation repair, or concrete leveling services? Ayers Basement Systems has the experience and the tools needed to make your home improvement project a success. We've helped many of your neighbors in Cass, and we look forward to making your home a better place! Schedule a free estimate with us today!

Job Stories From Cass County, MI
WaterGuard Protects Dowagiac, MI Home From Intruding Water

This Dowagiac, MI home had water entering along the northwest corner of the basement. The home had a sump pump, although water was unable to make its way to the system unless a significant accumulation occurred.

We installed the WaterGuard system to collect the intruding water and carry it to the sump pump to be discarded from the home. Specialized drainage pipes were installed underneath the flooring around the interior perimeter of the basement in order to collect the water, rather than allowing it to flow out onto the floor. The flooring was excavated in order to place the pipes, but we made sure to restore it with concrete fill- so its like we were never even there!

Failing Cassopolis, MI Wall Stabilized With PowerBrace System

This customer called because she was looking to restore her failing basement foundation wall. The full basement was built over 50 years ago at the time and there were many cracks between the blocks that were concerning the homeowner.

We used the effective PowerBrace system to stabilize the failing wall and prevent it from continuing to shift and crack over time. This system used strong, steel I-Beams that were installed in the floor at the base of the home and ran up the entire height of the basement wall. The top of the system was secured to the joists above the wall with steel brackets and tightened into place to completely stabilize the wall.

Failing Cassopolis, MI Wall Stabilized With PowerBrace System - Photo 1Failing Cassopolis, MI Wall Stabilized With PowerBrace System - Photo 2
PolyLevel Restored Cracked and Unleveled Edwardsburg, MI Garage Floor

This homeowner contacted us because she wanted to fix her sunken garage floor and cracked driveway. The customer needed a reliable solution that would repair the unleveled concrete slabs and prevent them from continuing to settle in the future.

We installed the effective PolyLevel system to immediately level the slabs and prevent them from sinking or cracking any further. Multiple small holes were drilled into the concrete slabs, which were then injected with a specialized polymer material. The polymers expanded, which lifted the slabs back to their proper position. The dense and lightweight polymers in this system helped to hold the slabs up and addressed the weak soil issue that originally caused the sinking.

Summer Cottage Crawl Space Headache Remedy in Vandalia, MI

This customer recently purchased a Summer cottage but there is water in his crawl space. After heavy rains, he noticed that he was having standing water issues. The walls are concrete block with a dirt floor. These are prime conditions for water entry. Our team of experts helped Kent get his cottage Summer ready with Cleanspace, drainage matting, and our Smart Sump sump pump.Cleanspace isolates the crawl space from the dirt floor and walls keeping the water out while the drainage matting directs any water that seeps through to the Smart Sump. Our Smart Sump sump pump ensures any water drained in is pumped out keeping his crawl space dry. This makes sure  Kent doesn’t have any surprises when Summer rolls around.

Rain Makes for Puddles in Edwardsburg, MI Basement

Ryan B. from Edwardsburg, MI was having water come into his basement from the corners of the walls every time it rained. This water would form puddles, making his basement more than unpleasant. Thankfully, we had a solution.

We installed three of our patented waterproofing products: the WaterGuard French drain system, the SuperSump premier sump pump system. and the SaniDry XP standing dehumidifier. The WaterGuard drain rests below the basement floor and above the foundation footing, collecting water that seeps into the basement from the walls (and the corners of the walls). Once this water is collected, it is redirected to the sump pump (the SuperSump, in this case). 

The SuperSump is a sump pump specifically designed to keep your basement dry for long periods of time. Capable of pumping 2,220 gallons of water per hour, it is suitable for heavy water intrusion.

Finally, the SaniDry XP is a standing dehumidifier that creates dry, clean air, reduces the risk of mold growth, never needs to be emptied, and is 10 times more powerful than traditional dehumidifiers.

With these three installations, Ryan can once again be comfortable in his home. You can be, too.


Cracked Bowing Walls in Dowagiac, MI

Patrick M. was beginning to see some wall failure happening in his basement. His basement walls are made of cement block and, as we all know,  they inevitably begin to crack. One wall was bowing at the center with some cracks that were both vertical and horizontal. Luckily, there was no water or moisture coming through the cracks in the wall. This was an enormous headache for Patrick and his family because they just recently moved in. Lucky for him, the Ayers team found him a resolution. We installed our CarbonArmor system. CarbonArmor is best used if they is little to no access to the outside of the home and if the walls are bowing only at the center. The straps reinforce the basement walls and resist any further bending.  CarbonArmor proves to be the best option because it is ten times stronger than concrete, has a low profile design allowing it to be installed in tight spaces, and even if your wall is bowing it still adheres tightly to the wall to reinforce it.

Wet, Sand Crawl Space Gets a Makeover in Muskegon, MI

Tom B. from Muskegon, MI lives in a home with a crawl space that used to be filled with sand and water before he gave us a call. Water and humidity can create a myriad of problems for a home, and we were determined to give Tom a hand before any more problems were incurred. 

We installed our patented CleanSpace crawl space insulation system to remedy this issue. CleanSpace is a 20mm thick plastic lining that keeps crawl spaces dry and free of elements that surround your crawl space. CleanSpace also seals air leaks to guard your home against cold air coming in through your floor.

Tom, say goodbye to wet sand in your crawl space. Stay hello to CleanSpace.


Waterproofing in Grand Rapids, MI

The homeowners were noticing water coming into their home through a crack in their basement floor when it rained. The water was damaging their basement floors and some of their belongings. 

Our professional team installed WaterGuard to stop the water from damaging the homeowner's basement any further! WaterGuard is a longlasting interior perimeter drainage system that sits on the top of the footing in the basement. The drainage system sits on top of the footing in order to prevent mud from clogging the system. The WaterGuard system collects any water seepage in the basement and immediately directs that water to the sump pump. The sump pump then removes water from your home effectively. 

We also installed IceGuard for extra protection from water during the winter months. The IceGuard system allows water to escape from the sump pump discharge line if the pipe freezes or becomes blocked for any reason. Even if the pipe outlet is buried under a floor, the snow or ice the water can still escape! This system is the perfect solution to make sure your basement stays dry! 

Lifitng Sagging Floor in Vandalia, MI

Phil’s floors were beginning to settle on the first floor of his home. He said his floor had began to develop wavy textures and some of the tiles began to crack. Sagging floors are often the result of  weakened floor joists and girders. We installed our SmartJack stabilizing system. SmartJacks are steel support systems used to level and stabilize floor joists and girders. They have the ability to hold loads more than 60,000 pounds. SmartJacks provide the best opportunity to lift floors back to their original position by transferring the load beyond troubled soils. This solution fixes your sagging floors  once and for all.

Sloping Marcellus, MI Living Room Floor

The living room addition floor of this Marcellus, MI home had started to slope downwards (as seen in the first photo). After lifting up the carpet to get a better understanding of the situation, the owners saw that the floor was both sinking and cracked. Luckily, concrete lifting is just another one of Ayers Basement Systems’ many specialties.

To raise the floor, the crew pumped PolyLevel- an expanding polymer used to fill in the gaps where soil has settled - below the slab. While PolyLevel is usually used to lift concrete slabs and sidewalks, this addition’s floor was also poured concrete, so raising the floor would not affect the house’s foundation. The second photo shows the multiple different holes where the injections were made. Now, the owners can finally rest in this living room without fear of sinking away.

Sloping Marcellus, MI Living Room Floor - Photo 1Sloping Marcellus, MI Living Room Floor - Photo 2
Saving a Sinking House in Union MI

Phil gave us a call because one side of his house was sinking. There was cracking in the drywall, the concrete block wall, and a window that was off-kilter showing the signs of foundation settling. He had piers installed several years ago to one side of the house and the opposite side was starting to sink. If a house is settling on one side, the house as a whole is probably on unstable soil meaning the one side was just the first to settle. We offer full protection plans so we will quote for the spot where sinking is occurring as well as quote for the whole house to protect from future sinking. 

We installed Helical Piers for a couple of reasons. Due to the house sitting on a hill, depths are changing and Helical Piers can have additional sections added for it to reach the desired depth. There was minimal disturbance as Helical Piers have quick, effective installation. These piers help to stabilize the settling foundation to stop further sinking but can also help to restore the walls back to their original position.


Saving a Sinking House in Union MI - Photo 1Saving a Sinking House in Union MI - Photo 2
Installing SmartJack in Jones, MI

Denise's home had many foundational issues. Her floors and foundation were sinking and the main beam had rotted due to termite damage. In order to fix these issues our team installed SmartJack, a system produced to halt your sagging floors. Floors above crawl spaces are vulnerable due to the moisture and soils in your crawl space. The Smart Jack system is a permanent fix to these issues. It uses steel columns, threaded rods, and a solid base to address any issues your crawl space may introduce to your floors. Installing this system usually takes less than a day and it provides immediate stabilization. 

Encapsulating Crawl Spaces in Cassopolis, MI

Joyce's crawl space was flooding due to heavy water intrusion. She called our team for help and we installed CleanSpace. CleanSpace is a plastic sheet material used as a vapor barrier to restrict all moisture, outside air, and pests from entering your crawl space. Not only does this system create an energy-efficient crawl space, but it also gives your crawl space a clean finish. This material will be applied to your floors and walls to create a sleek look and an uninterrupted barrier. 

Encapsulating Crawl Spaces in Cassopolis, MI - Photo 1
Installing PolyLevel in Dowagiac, MI

Part of Tyler's patio is sinking and the worst part has already sunk about three inches, so he called our team. We installed PolyLevel, a system designed to fix concrete slabs that have sunk. It uses a polyurethane foam that expands and has a high density in order to raise the concrete. The process is quite simple and is done by drilling small holes into the concrete and then inserting the foam into the holes. Also, the PolyLevel system is waterproof and long-lasting. 

Installing PolyLevel in Dowagiac, MI - Photo 1
Encapsulating Crawl Spaces with CleanSpace in Dowagiac, MI

Mary Kay had water entering her crawl space so she called our team asking for encapsulation options. We installed CleanSpace, a plastic sheet material used as a vapor barrier. It restricts all moisture, outside air, and pests from entering your crawl space. Not only does this system create an energy-efficient crawl space, but it also gives your crawl space a clean finish. This material will be applied to your floors and walls to create a sleek look and an uninterrupted barrier.

Encapsulating Crawl Spaces with CleanSpace in Dowagiac, MI - Photo 1
Installing SaniDry in Dowagiac, MI

A customer had heavy water intrusion in her crawl space. Along with installing other systems, our team installed the SaniDry XP Basement Dehumidifier which never needs to be emptied because the water drains automatically. In addition, it is ten times more powerful than typical dehumidifiers. Therefore, SaniDry will remove all water vapor in the air and prevent any mold growth in this customer's crawl space.

Installing SaniDry in Dowagiac, MI - Photo 1
Installing SmartJack in Dowagiac, MI

Doug's cottage has been renovated and the orignal foundation floor joists are not enough to support the cottage now. A lot of the strain is going on the floor which is causing it to shake so he called our team. We installed SmartJack, a system produced to halt your sagging floors. Floors above crawl spaces are vulnerable due to the moisture and soils in your crawl space. The Smart Jack system is a permanent fix to these issues. It uses steel columns, threaded rods and a solid base to address any issues your crawl space may introduce to your floors. Installing this system usually takes less than a day and it provides immediate stabilization.

Installing SmartJack in Dowagiac, MI - Photo 1
Waterproofing Basements in Edwardsburg, MI

Patty had water entering her basement and it was ruining her carpet. She called our team to discuss waterproofing options and so we installed WaterGuard and SmartSump. WaterGuard is a basement drainage system that is installed inside your basement in order to avoid it being clogged. This drain will catch any leakage from higher walls or floors before it reaches your basement floor. SmartSump is a sump pump system that prevents flooding by reducing moisture and by removing any water quickly. The drain connected to the pump takes the water out of your house while not allowing any damp air to enter.

Waterproofing Basements in Marcellus, MI

Javers had water flooding his basement due to the swamp lands near his home. He called our team and we installed WaterGuard, TripleSafe and IceGuard. WaterGuard is a basement system that will catch any leakage from higher walls and floors. TripleSafe is a sump pump system that is battery powered so Cassie won't need to worry about her basement flooding during power outages. Lastly, the IceGuard Sump Pump Discharge Line System allows water to leave even when it is frozen. Installing these three pieces will keep Javer's basement dry no matter what weather her house encounters.

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