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We not only adhere to the highest industry standards, we strive to be the industry leader in the home improvement related services we provide. We also use state-of-the-art products and technology which are designed to fix your home. We are the authorized Basement Systems dealer in Antrim County, MI.

Services we offer in Antrim County:

  • Wet/flooded basement waterproofing solutions.
  • Lifetime warranty on all perimeter waterproofing systems.
  • Foundation and structural repair solutions.
  • 25-year warranty against manufacturing defects on foundation products.
  • Crawl space sealing with CleanSpace vapor barrier.
  • 25-year warranty on crawl space encapsulation systems.
  • Concrete lifting and leveling powered by PolyLEVEL to repair sidewalks, driveways and uneven steps.
  • Financing Available
  • FREE written estimates and inspections, and fast installation
Job Stories From Antrim County, MI
Greenville, MI Basement Finds Puddles

Roblee and Sally have lived in their home for 9 years and have had an issue with water leaking in their basement. They decided this year was the year to finally put an end to the problem for once and for all. 

Mr. and Mrs. Holyfield called Ayers Basement Systems and we sent Roger Powell to assess the situation. The most water leakage they have had is enough to create puddles. During heavy rains the water comes in from the front corners and they are both on board with fixing the situation as quick as they can.

The WaterGuard drainage system circles the interior perimeter of a basement along the floor to capture any water seeping in. Roblee and Sally are very happy to have a dry basement every time it rains!

Redirecting Discharge Lines in Elk Rapids, MI

The call we received from Mike and Janet was definitely unique. They had already taken the necessary steps to waterproof their crawlspace but now they were facing a different kind of problem. After the crawl space began to flood, Mike discovered that the pump was draining directly into their sewer line.

The Ayers team knew the solution was to add in a new discharge line that would carry the water out of the home and to a LawnScape outlet. All LawnScape outlets are placed at a safe distance from the home, so the discharged water won’t back flow to the foundation. This Elk Rapids home had the perfect location for this. The discharge line was extended enough for the water to exit through an outlet and then flow into the lake at the edge of the yard. The team also installed an IceGuard to keep the home protected even if the line freezes over and the water doesn’t make it all the way to the lake.

Mike and Janet’s plumbing problem was solved after a one-day installation and now they are free to enjoy their beautiful lake home. 

Redirecting Discharge Lines in Elk Rapids, MI - Photo 1Redirecting Discharge Lines in Elk Rapids, MI - Photo 2Redirecting Discharge Lines in Elk Rapids, MI - Photo 3Redirecting Discharge Lines in Elk Rapids, MI - Photo 4
Upgrading Windows in Elk Rapids, MI

Carol and Bill called us out to their home because they were having issues with their basement windows. They had moved into the home only a few months before and began to notice a pattern during summer thunderstorms. Moisture from rainfall would seep between cracks in the concrete wells and leak into the basement. In total, the couple wanted three new replacement windows and accompanying wells.

The team went to Elk Rapids and immediately got to work. Energy efficient egress windows and SunHouse wells were installed as replacements for the three rectangular windows. Our plastic window wells and covers are designed to keep moisture out. The plastic material won’t erode like the couple’s concrete egress, so cracks and seepage should stay a thing of the past. As an added bonus, the larger windows will allow more light to pass into the basement. So not only are the replacements more reliable, they also brighten up the room.

Congratulations to Bill and Carol on the new home! We hope that you’re back to enjoying it, instead of looking for improvements. 

Upgrading Windows in Elk Rapids, MI - Photo 1Upgrading Windows in Elk Rapids, MI - Photo 2Upgrading Windows in Elk Rapids, MI - Photo 3
Double Drains for a Kewadin, MI Lake Home

Daniel and Elaine had recently purchased a new lake home. During the sale, the past owners let them know that the two crawl spaces took in water seasonally. So when they moved into their new home, Daniel and Elaine immediately called a contractor out to install a vapor barrier in one of the crawl spaces. They knew they would have to do something to keep water out of the other crawl space as well, but before they could, they had to deal with another water issue on the other side of the home. Shortly after moving in, they discovered that water would flow down their driveway and into the garage. Hoping to kill two birds with one stone, they called up the waterproofing experts.

Instead of an additional vapor barrier, this time around Daniel and Elaine asked for a drain and sump pump in the crawl space to get water out. The drain was laid around the perimeter and middle of the crawl space to catch any water that leaked through the walls or floor. Once the drain was installed, the crew covered it with stones to protect it from potential clogs while allowing for easy passage of liquid. The sump will then direct the water to a lawnscape outlet outside. The water that had been leaking into Daniel and Elaine’s garage will meet a similar fate. Before reaching the garage, then water will enter a trench drain that sits in front of the garage and then flow to a different lawnscape outlet. With two brand new drain system, Daniel and Elaine won't have to worry about water entering any part of their new lake home. 

Double Drains for a Kewadin, MI Lake Home - Photo 1Double Drains for a Kewadin, MI Lake Home - Photo 2Double Drains for a Kewadin, MI Lake Home - Photo 3
Sunken Alden, MI Driveway Repaired With PolyLevel

William M. was selling his Alden, MI home and needed to fix his sunken driveway. The driveway was settling where it meets the house, causing water to pool near the home. To improve the overall look of the driveway and prevent water from causing future damage to the home, our team of experts decided to use the PolyLevel system to raise the settled concrete.

The PolyLevel system is similar to mudjacking but the end result looks better, lasts longer and works better to level concrete overall. To begin this process we drilled penny-sized holes into the concrete slab outside of the home that will then be filled with polymers that expand and lift the slab. The polymers are high-density and lightweight to fill any areas with loose soil to make sure it can hold the slab and prevent it from sinking again in the future. The curing time is only 15 minutes for this system, providing William with a fast and efficient way to level his driveway and attract potential buyers.

Sunken Alden, MI Driveway Repaired With PolyLevel - Photo 1Sunken Alden, MI Driveway Repaired With PolyLevel - Photo 2
Fully Renovating Alden, MI Crawl Space


The crawl space in this home had two major issues that caused problems for this homeowner. The first problem was that the wood floor joists were compromised due to the weight of the home above, excessive moisture, rot and mold growth. This resulted in the inability for the joists to hold the floor above, causing it to sag. The second problem in this space was the exposed dirt floor, open vents and the porous concrete walls that allowed water and water vapor to enter the space, creating high humidity levels. The “Stack Effect” explains how air from the crawl space is drawn up into other areas of the home, meaning the damp and mold spore filled air will enter the home and cause even more problems outside of the crawl space. 

We started by installing the SmartJack crawl space stabilizer system, which uses steel supports to stabilize the ceiling of the crawl space. We installed new steel support beams in place of the old deteriorating ones and we secured a steel support to those beams and to a solid base in the floor. The system is then adjusted to the specific crawl space and immediately stabilizes and raises the sagging floors above. 

Next we installed the CleanSpace system, which is a waterproof and vapor proof plastic liner that prevents outside elements from entering the space. The durable material is securely attached to the crawl space walls, ensuring it will last as long as the house and will stay in place over time.

Underneath the CleanSpace liner, we installed drainage matting that is used to guide water under the liner to the sump pump to then be discharged from the home. The dimpled surface of the matting prevents water from getting stuck under the liner.

Next we installed the SmartSump sump pump system to ensure the crawl space effectively collects and pumps water outside of the space. To limit moisture, this system has an airtight lid that prevents water in the sump from evaporating into the space, while also giving water a way to immediately enter the sump pump in case of a flood through the floor drain. A pump alarm is an added bonus of this system, which will go off if the pump fails so you can deal with the problem before the space floods. 

Ensuring water exits the crawl space efficiently is another part of this puzzle. To do this we installed the IceGuard system, which is placed at the end of a discharge line to allow water to exit the home through specialized holes even if the pipes freezes. A LawnScape outlet was used for this project to lead exiting water away from the home to stop it from coming back toward the crawl space. 

The last step to eliminating moisture in this crawl space was to install a SaniDry mini, which is an effective dehumidification system that wrings the crawl space air of water and then circulates dry air throughout the space. The air entering the space is also filtered of any unwanted particles.

Removing Water in Damp Eastport, MI Crawl Space

This damp crawl space was crying out for a permanent fix. Water leakage and high humidity levels within a crawl space can lead to mold, rot and mildew. Unfortunately the air in your crawl space is pulled up into other areas of your home, brining any hot or cold, damp, musty, mold spore-filled air with it. Damp air is also much harder to heat and cool, so creating a dry crawl space is extremely important.

To dry out this damp space we first installed the CleanSpace liner. This waterproof and vapor proof liner will ensure moisture is unable to enter the crawl space through the ground or walls. The liner is first fitted for the crawl space to make sure it fits like a glove and is then laid out to cover both the walls and the ground. The liner is then securely attached to the walls to prevent it from falling off. The white color brightened the area and its durable material prevents any type of ware and tare. 

Next we installed the SmartSump system to eliminate any water in the space. This sump pump is made specifically for crawl spaces and goes hand-in-hand with the CleanSpace liner. The system has an effective Zoeller pump and an alarm that will let you know if any water is present in your space. The sump is installed by first creating a hole that will fit the liner, allowing it to accept water from ground. The effective pump is then placed in the liner and an airtight lid is installed on top of the system to prevent water in the sump for evaporating into the space.

IceGuard was installed on the existing discharge lines where the line meets the house. The holes in this product prevent water from backing up and re-entering the home if the pipes freeze. 

Lastly, we installed the LawnScape outlet by attaching it to the end of the discharge lines out away from the home. This system is used to lead water away from the home to prevent it from coming back toward the property. 


Removing Water in Damp Eastport, MI Crawl Space - Photo 1Removing Water in Damp Eastport, MI Crawl Space - Photo 2Removing Water in Damp Eastport, MI Crawl Space - Photo 3
Dirty, Flooded Crawl Space Transformed in Kewadin, MI

Mekia B. of Kewadin, MI has a home near a lake, making her crawl space filled with water. This can be a serious problem, allowing for moisture to travel up into the home. This can lead to peeling paint, sticking doors and windows, etc. Thus, Mekia called us.

Our solution? The CleanSpace crawl space encapsulation system and the SmartSump crawl space sump pump system. We began the project by installing the CleanSpace system. CleanSpace is a 20mm thick plastic lining that completely seals off the crawl space form all surrounding elements. No cold air, moisture, dirt, or water will stand a chance with the CleanSpace in place. CleanSpace is also developed with anti-microbial properties that prevent mold growth.

The SmartSump is specifically designed for crawl spaces and can provide all the protection you need from leaks and floods. This sump pump is designed to fit with the CleanSpace liner and has a sump alarm to ensure you are always aware of any water in your crawl space.

Say goodbye to your wet, dirty crawl space, Mekia!

SmartSump Keeps Kewadin, MI Crawl Space Dry

Daniel F. of Kewdin, MI used to have a lot of water come into his crawl space seasonally. Because of all the issues this water's moisture can cause, Daniel gave us a call to get a professional solution.

Our fix? The SmartSump crawl space sump pump system. The SmartSump is specifically designed for crawl spaces and can provide all the protection you need from leaks and floods. The SmartSump comes equipped with a cast-iron Zoeller primary pump with the option of adding an UltraSump Battery Backup sump pump. 

Settled Foundation in Elk Rapids, MI Stabilized With Helical Piers

Cathy F. contacted us because the sliding glass door in her home cracked due to foundation settlement. Some of the doors were also sticking, which is a common sign of foundation failure.

We installed helical piers to lift and stabilize the settled foundation. The soil outside of the home was excavated in order to attach the helical pier system to the base of the home. The system was secured into place with steel brackets and then the piers were drilled down into the ground until stable soil was reached. The piers anchored into the ground and the weight of the foundation was then transferred through the pier to completely stabilize the settled foundation.

Buckled Central Lake, MI Wall Stabilized With PowerBrace and Wall Anchor Systems

These homeowners had basement walls that would buckle during the wintertime. They wanted a solution that would stabilize the walls before they continued to worsen over time.

We installed both the Geo-Lock wall anchor system and the PowerBrace system to hold the shifting walls in place.

To install the wall anchor system, we had to excavate the ground outside of the home to embed sturdy earth anchors into stable soil. Those anchors were then connected to a failing wall with steel wall anchors and secured into place with steel rods. The system was tightened into place, which immediately stabilized the wall.

We also installed the PowerBrace system directly on one of the basement walls to also prevent it from buckling. For this installation we used galvanized steel braces that were installed at the base of the wall and connected to joists above. The braces were then secured into place with steel brackets.

The combination of these two systems ensured the homeowners that their basement walls would be stable for years to come.

Buckled Central Lake, MI Wall Stabilized With PowerBrace and Wall Anchor Systems - Photo 1
Flooding Basement in Kewadin, MI

Holly J. of Kewadin, MI had water flooding into her basement for two months straight before she finally reached out to us for help.

We installed two great waterproofing products for this job: the SuperSump premier sump pump system and the WaterGuard French drain system. The SuperSump sump pump specifically designed to keep your basement dry for long periods of time. Capable of pumping 2,220 gallons of water per hour, it is suitable for heavy water intrusion.

The WaterGuard drain rests below the basement floor and above the foundation footing, catching all the water that seeps into the basement from the walls. After the water is in the drain it is directed to the sump pump -- the SuperSump -- to be pumped up and out of the basement. 

PolyLevel Raised Settled Floor in Central Lake, MI Cabin

Michael J. contacted us because the small lakefront cabin he purchased had an unleveled floor. The home was built on a cement slab and the large brick fireplace was the main contributor to the settled slab.

We used the PolyLevel system to raise the floor back to its proper level and deal with the weak soil below the slab that allowed the floor to sink. We started by drilling multiple small holes throughout the slab. A lightweight, dense polymer material was then injected into the holes. The polymers expanded to fill the open space between the slab and soil to lift, level, and stabilize the floor.

Crawl Space Encapsulation in Bellaire, MI Home

The dirt floor crawl space in the first photo was built back in the ‘70s. The owners had noticed moisture and standing water in the crawl space. Not to mention, the home was also smelling a lot like dirt. Since they had recently redone the rest of the rental home, the owners wanted to improve on the previous tarp as the last step of the remodel. In the first photo, you can see how the old liner only covered the dirt floor and was taped up to the walls to keep water out (This is not waterproof and will not keep your crawlspcae safe from mold). The new liner in the second photo is our CleanSpace system. CleanSpace is a moisture-impenetrable barrier that can keep out any water that comes through either the floor or walls.


CleanSpace is a 20 mil thick plastic liner that fits to the crawl space to completely seal the home from the earth. Polyester cord reinforcement allows for a lot of durability, to make it last longer than the home will. This liner also contains an antimicrobial additive to prevent mold. This liner should also be combined with CleanSpace vent covers to insulate and seal the air out. The white liner was the perfect way to end this home’s remodel.

Crawl Space Encapsulation in Bellaire, MI Home - Photo 1Crawl Space Encapsulation in Bellaire, MI Home - Photo 2
TripleSafe Sump Pump in Mancelona Home

A Husband and Wife called us in regards to their basement. As many families in Michigan, their basement has the threat of flooding from time to time. They wanted our professional help to waterproof their basement for good. We came to their home and gave them a free inspection. Afterwards, we thought up the best idea for their home. This plan included the TripleSafe Sump Pump.

TripleSafe is a sump pump with three different pumps in one liner. The first being the 1/3 hp zoeller pump which does most of the pumping and is placed at the bottom of the liner. The second is the 1/2 hp zoeller that is placed slightly higher than the first. This pump is more powerful but will only be turned on when needed. The final pump is the battery-operated UltraSump DC which is used in case of a power outage, this pump can pump up to 24,000 gallons of water.  Now, this home will be protected from ever flooding again.

TripleSafe Sump Pump in Mancelona Home - Photo 1
Power Braces Straighten Walls in Antrim County, MI

 Cracks in your ceiling, wall, and floors are danger signs. Ones that look like stair steps (see picture #3) and those fractures that could snap wall in half are symptoms of a much bigger foundational problem.

To support this home's foundation, we stabalized the walls with Power Braces. Power Braces are steel beams that we connect to the walls with brackets attached to the ceiling. This strengthens the wall and tightens it over time like braces.

To do this we, first, examine the ceiling joists which are the horizontal wood planks that support the floor above. We, then, fit the steel beam to these joists because, together, they evenly spread the weight of the foundation around the home. 


Power Braces Straighten Walls in Antrim County, MI - Photo 1Power Braces Straighten Walls in Antrim County, MI - Photo 2Power Braces Straighten Walls in Antrim County, MI - Photo 3Power Braces Straighten Walls in Antrim County, MI - Photo 4Power Braces Straighten Walls in Antrim County, MI - Photo 5Power Braces Straighten Walls in Antrim County, MI - Photo 6
Installing SuperPump in Kewadin, MI

Heather was experiencing flooded basements on and off for various reasons. Water was entering from many different areas in the basement and a pump had gone out. Therefore she called our team to help waterproof her basement. We installed the SuperPump Premier Sump Pump System. This sump pump will alert you when water levels are too high and has an airtight lid to prevent any unwanted moisture or pests from entering. There is also a one way floor drain in the lid which allows water to drain into it if there is an accident in your basement. This will help Heather prevent future floods in her basement.

Insulating Rim Joists in Vicksburg, MI

Dara was concerned about the pipes in her crawl space freezing during our cold Michigan winters. To give Dara peace of mind and prevent her pipes from freezing, our team insulated her rim joists. Small cracks and seams can exist around rim joists, but after insulating them all of those cracks are sealed off. Now airflow is restricted keeping outside air out and inside air in. Therefore, Dara’s crawl space will be insulated and she won’t need to worry about her pipes freezing.

Ensuring Dry Basements in Bellaire, MI

Jodi and Tim have a carpeted finished basement that recently has been encountering water intrusion issues.. They called our team for help and so we installed TripleSafe, IceGuard and SaniDry to prevent any more water intrusion in their basement. TripleSafe is a Sump Pump system that’s main goal is to keep your basement dry. This system provides ultimate protection because it has three pumps within the system and one of them is battery powered. IceGuard, a sump pump discharge line system allows water to leave even when the line is frozen. Therefore, this system prevents flooding even in freezing temperatures. Lastly, the SaniDry XP Basement Dehumidifier is ten times more powerful than typical dehumidifiers. Also, it never needs to be emptied because the water drains automatically. These three items will give Jodi and Tim peace of mind knowing their basement is protected.

Concrete Leveling in Elk Rapids, MI

Kathy needed the concrete slabs around her house lifted so that it would be level. So our team installed PolyLevel, a waterproof and long-lasting system designed to fix concrete slabs that have sunk. It uses a polyurethane foam that expands and has a high density in order to lift the concrete slabs back to their original level. The process is quite simple and is done by drilling small holes into the concrete and then inserting the foam into the holes. 

Basement Water Problems in Elk Rapids, MI

Mecca had water entering her basement through cracks in the floor. So she called our team and we installed WaterGuard, SuperSump and IceGuard. WaterGuard is a basement drainage system created to keep your basement dry. Unlike many other drains, WaterGuard is installed inside your basement in order to avoid it being clogged. This drain will catch any leakage from higher walls or floors before it reaches your basement floor. The SuperSump Premier Sump Pump System will alert you when water levels are too high and has an airtight lid to prevent any unwanted moisture or pests from entering. Lastly, the IceGuard Sump Pump Discharge Line System allows water to leave even when it is frozen.

Egress Windows in Elk Rapids, MI

Mecca was getting water in her basement so she called our team. In addition to installing other systems, our team replaced her old window with an egress window. Due to poor insulation around the window, most windows offer minimal protection against outside air entering the home. Egress windows help ventilate your indoor areas and prevent unwanted moisture and allergens from entering your house.

Egress Windows in Elk Rapids, MI - Photo 1
Basement Water in Kewadin, MI

Mary had water leaking into her house through her basement walls so she called our team. We installed WaterGuard, a basement drainage system that unlike many other drains, is installed inside your basement in order to avoid it being clogged. This drainage system will catch any leakage from higher walls or floors before it reaches your basement floor. Other perks are that this system is almost invisible after it is set up and has a quicker and easier installation process than outdoor drains. 

Basement Water in Mancelona, MI

Mary had water coming into her home through cracks on the floor and where the wall and the floor meet. Therefore she called our team for help. We installed TripleSafe and IceGuard in order to prevent any further water intrusion in Mary's basement. TripleSafe is a sump pump system that is battery powered which will allow Brett and Sandy to not worry about their basement flooding during power outages. The IceGuard Sump Pump Discharge Line System allows water to leave even when it is frozen.

Getting Rid of Musty Smells in an Elk Rapids Home

This Elk Rapids home gets a musty, stinky smell when the furnace turns on and in a bedroom which is the entrance to the crawl space. To get rid of the smell, we installed the SaniDry Sedona which keeps dry air circulating to dry out the crawl space. It gets rid of damp, musty odors by drying and filtering air as well as filters mold spores, dust mite droppings, dust and other particles.

Encapsulating a Central Lake MI Crawl Space

Barb wanted her dirt crawl space to be encapsulated so it was clean and usable. We installed Drainage Matting first so if water entered the crawl space, the dimples in the mat would direct water to the sump pump. We then installed the CleanSpace Crawl Space Vapor Barrier which keeps out bugs, rodents, water vapor, and humidity. The liner also has a mold-resistant additive so the structure of the home is protected. Lastly, we installed the SaniDry Sedona Dehumidifier to blow dry air throughout the space to help dry it out as well as filter the air to keep it clean. 

Some Problems Require More Than One Step in Elk Rapids, MI

Misaeng had her crawlspace sealed nearly 5 years ago after having trouble with musty smells. The musty smell has returned especially when she turns her furnace on and she is not sure what to do now. Her home is older, built-in 1940, and has insulation hanging down as well as a susceptibility to water. To solve her problem for good, our team came out and installed Rim-Joist insulation and a SaniDry Sedona. Typically air leaks in through the rim joists in spaces like basements and crawl spaces and can contribute to humidity and unwanted moisture. To ensure that the rim joists don’t cause problems they need to be properly insulated. The SaniDry Sedona is more powerful than any other dehumidifier and drains automatically so you don't have to worry about emptying the water yourself. It will control the humidity and make sure to stop mold growth, kill dust mites, and make your whole house healthier. By adding a few new products to what she has already had done. Our team will make sure that Misaeng will not have to deal with the inconvenience of musty smells in her home. 

Keeping Humidity and Cold Air Out of a Crawl Space

Lowell wanted to insulate his crawl space and, if possible, close it up against the weather. We insulated the area to keep the cold air out and warm air in. We also insulated the rim joist which is the perimeter of the crawl space where the walls connect with the flooring from above. The rim joist can be a problem area with holes that let in cold air in the winter and make the floors cold. Insulating the rim joist will keep your energy system from working over time and increasing your energy bill. 

To seal off the crawl space, we installed the CleanSpace Liner which is a thick durable liner. It prevents humidity, pests, and water vapor from entering the crawl space. This liner also has an additive that prevents mold growth so the homes structure is safe from rot. To keep sure the space is extra dry, we installed the SaniDry Sedona. This dehumidifier is small in size so it fits perfectly in a crawl space and eliminates odors, filters the air for mold spores or other particles, and dries out the air!

Waterproofing and Filtering Air in an Ellsworth MI Basement

Rose has a wet and moldy basement and cellar. The cellar is so wet that the electrical panel has corroded. There is a sump pump present but it is not working properly. She wants the water and moisture removed to keep the home safe. We installed the WaterGuard French drain system which is a drain installed below the floor but above the foundation to keep it from clogging. It collects the water and sends it to the sump pump. We also installed the SuperSump Plus sump pump system to keep the water out of the home. Lastly, we installed the SaniDry XP which is a dehumidifier that keeps the space dry by continuously blowing dry air. This not only drys out the basement but filters air for mold spores, dust, and other particles. 

Flooding in an Ellsworth, MI Yard

Kenneth had a considerable amount of flooding in his yard which translated into a considerable amount of water in his basement. To make sure his space is waterproofed our team came out and installed a WaterGuard Drain, a TripleSafe sump pump, IceGuard, and CleanSpace. 

The WaterGuard drain is designed to capture water seepage through the walls and any leaks along where the floor and the wall meet. It’s large in diameter and is easy to get into making clogging extremely unlikely. On top of that, it is faster, easier, and less expensive than outdoor drains and will be nearly invisible once the concrete is replaced and dried. The WaterGuard Port is also nearly invisible in your lawn when installed and isn’t an obstruction while mowing the lawn or hanging out in the yard. 

The TripleSafe sump pump system offers three different levels of support when it comes to pumping water out of your basement. There is one pump for everyday normal levels of water, one, more powerful, pump for heavier volumes of water, and one battery-operated pump that will keep you protected in power outages. The IceGuard System makes sure water is expelled from the house in freezing temperatures like the ones we have in Michigan winters. This ensures homeowners do not have to worry about frozen water blocking the pipes and drainage system.

CleanSpace is an uninterrupted vapor barrier designed to keep out any unwanted pests, moisture, and mold. This barrier restricts airflow and therefore makes controlling the temperature of the home much easier. CleanSpace is applied to the floors and walls and wrapped around pillars and piers carefully to ensure that the space looks clean and refreshed. 

With this full waterproofing system, Kenneth can focus on cleaning up his yard without worrying about the water affecting his home. Kenneth will have a healthier home, and a happier stress-free environment to live in.

Keep a Wall from Moving in Mancelona Michigan

Chris called us to get a second opinion on his basement walls. There was a crack but he has not seen any movement, however, the first quote he got said wall moved 2 inches. We know he needed some type of wall support if he wanted to keep the wall from moving so we installed PowerBraces. The system is made up of steel beams that are secured to the joists above the wall. It is easily adjustable to potentially raise the wall back to the correct position. PowerBraces do not require excavation, they install quickly, and do not take up much basement space. 


Ayers Stabilizes and Waterproofs 127-Year-Old Alden, MI Victorian Home

Jack and Patti’s 127 Victorian home had very little water coming in from the crawl space, but Jack wanted to make sure his home was still stable given its age. The couple called Ayers for an inspection, and our crew determined that their foundation would need lots of work. We installed SmartJacks, CleanSpace, and a SaniDry Sedona Dehumidifier.  

SmartJacks are steel supports that balance the foundation of the crawlspace, lifting it to its original position. They can be adjusted so the home will never shift out of place and are anchored into the ground with poured concrete. CleanSpace Wall System is a moisture barrier that uses a thick plastic liner along basement and crawl space walls to keep them dry and last decades longer. It also has antibacterial properties that prevent mold and bacteria growth.  Damp air takes more energy to heat and cool. Cutting down on the moisture in the crawl space, in turn, will cut down on how much it costs to heat or cool the home. Finally, the SaniDry Sedona Dehumidifier automatically removes up to 100 pints of water a day from the air in the home’s basement. This system circulates the now dry air through the basement and automatically removes the leftover water so you don’t have to. 

Jack and Patti were absolutely thrilled with the service Ayers provided. The couple could not be happier with the work done and products installed! 

CleanSpace Saves Elk Rapids, MI Crawl Space from Water Leaks

Bruce had water leaking into his crawl space after heavy rains so he decided to take action and call Ayers. After our crew inspected the crawl space they determined CleanSpace, our TripleSafe Sump Pump, and our SaniDry Sedona Dehumidifier would be the perfect solution to his issues.


CleanSpace is perfect for crawl spaces as it has a thick, durable, plastic liner that will be placed along the crawl space. The liner protects against excess moisture that leads to mold or bacteria with its vapor barrier property. Next, the TripleSafe has three sump pumps that fit in one liner that remove water. The first pump does the most work and the second is there in the event the first fails or needs more help. The last sump pump is a battery-operated backup that will turn on if the others fail to run in emergency power outages. Then we have the SaniDry Sedona Dehumidifier which is a good addition in protecting against these water issues. This will remove water from the air and circulate the now dry air throughout the crawl space.


Bruce is thrilled with these waterproofing systems in place, ensuring his crawl space remains dry for decades!

Balancing Floors in Mancelona

Sue noticed that her floor was uneven. The doors did not sit in their frame so she contacted Ayer's to have her basement inspected. Our resident foreman Bruce was happy to listen to Sue's concerns and diagnose the issue.


Bruce found that the home's crawl space was in major need of reinforcement. he also found signs of water damage. To fix these issues he used SmartJack Piers to stabilize the crawlspace, a CleanSpace lining to protect against future water damage, and treated the area with a powerful dehumidifier to remove any possible moisture left.

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