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Virgil Ayers is the owner of Ayers Basement Systems and one of the most trusted authorities in basement waterproofing, crawl space and structural foundation repair in Lansing, Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids and nearby areas in Mid and Western Michigan.

In this episode of Ask the Expert, Virgil lists some of the tell-tale signs of possible foundation settlement that every home owner should be looking for.

The cause of most foundation settlement problems usually resides in the soil supporting the structure. Soil conditions may change overtime, due to a number of reasons, including new construction in your neighborhood, new developments around your area and even climate changes with long periods of rain or drought.

Settlement signs may therefore appear at any time all of a sudden, in any type of house -- whether it is a new construction or a centuries old building.

Another proven fact concerning foundation settlement is that they never stabilize or get better on their own. They always get worse. It is important to inspect your home's foundation periodically and call a foundation specialist at the first sign of problem, because the more you wait, the more difficult and expensive the solution. Signs of foundation failure include:

• Cracks in drywall or stucco, especially on the ceiling and around the corners of doors and windows.
• Doors and windows that begin to stick or no longer work.

Ayers Basement Systems offers a full range of different solutions to fix virtually any type of foundation settlement problem and their trained and certified foundation technicians, after performing a thorough inspection, will be able to help you determine the best and most cost effective solution for your specific problem.

Virgil and his team have been permanently and effectively fixing foundations in homes just like yours, throughout Lansing, Kalamazoo, and Grand Rapids and nearby areas since 1981.

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