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Commercial Services Case Studies: SmartJacks Save Sagging Floors in Vicksburg, MI

Wednesday, November 30th, 2016 by Elena Behrman


When the floors in your home start to sag or become bouncy, you know you have a problem. In cases like this one, where the crawl space is unsealed, moisture and humidity fills the space and affects the exposed floor joists and girders. Once the wood becomes wet, it can rot and become weak, making the joists unable to support the weight above them.


It’s crucial to have a support system made of material that isn’t wood so it can effectively hold the weight of the home in a humid environment. SmartJacks are steel support beams that are zinc-plated, meaning they will never be affected by mold or moisture.

These beams are placed on a custom-designed structural footing in a hole that’s excavated 2 feet. This carefully measured hole is filled with crushed stone to address problem soils, and the beam is kept in place. SmartJacks are measured and cut to the appropriate height and is assembled and connected to a steel girder that runs along the ceiling. Once connected, the SmartJack system is tightened, immediately stabilizing the floor joists and lifting the floors above.

This support system can hold more than 60,000 lbs., and since its made of steel, the homeowners can be sure that their floors will be stabilized for years to come.

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