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Sagging Floors in Hillsdale, MI Apartment Complex

Sagging floors sometimes leave you wondering how much longer they can support the weight that is placed on them in your home. Floors above your crawl space can sag for many reasons: the existing columns are spaced too far apart, the floor joists have weakened from moisture/wood rot, or existing coumns have settled due to weak soil. No need to worry though, there is a solution to your sagging floors that will give you peace of mind. 

This apartment complex noticed not only sagging floors, but the doors were sticking and walls were beginning to crack, all signs of foundation problems. Our experts looked into this and figured out the best solution to this problem would be to install our crawl space SmartJacks. 

SmartJacks are made of steel so they won't rust from moisture. They are also very strong and can support loads of more than 60,000 pounds. You're probably wondering how they work. Before each jack is placed a 2 inch cube of soil is excavated and the hole is filled with concrete or a type of engineered fill. Then the steel column is cut to your crawl space height and the jack is assembled and tightened into place. The immediately stabilized the floor joists and lifts the floors and walls back to their original position. 

SentrySeal Keeps Water Out of East Lansing, MI Apartment Complex

This apartment complex had a problem with water seepage in two of the lower apartments. The soil outside of the wall had sunk about one foot, which left the covering on the exterior wall exposed. In order to seal off the wall and prevent water from continuing to damage the property, we installed the SentrySeal system. We first excavated a small section of soil outside of the wall to make room for the sealant. Insulation was then placed over the wall and the specialized sealant was installed to seal off any cracks or openings from the outside to prevent water from seeping in. Once we were finished, the soil was backfilled and water would no longer cause any issues for the complex.

PolyLevel Repairs the Sidewalk at a Kalamazoo, MI Apartment Complex

One morning our team received a call from the manager of Cedar Trail Apartments in Kalamazoo, MI. These local housing providers called us because sometimes problems form outside of your field of expertise. When this happens, professionals call fellow professionals! Upon receiving Cedar Trail Apartments’ call for help, we addressed their sidewalk liability concerns and prescribed our unique product offering PolyLevel to return their sidewalk back to its original position. PolyLevel raises concrete through unique qualities of expanding polyurethane foam, making it: environmentally safe, affordable, waterproof to prevent future erosion, quick and mess free, and a permanent solution! PolyLevel not only results in a solution that looks better and lasts longer, it is also less destructive to the applied surface. PolyLevel was able to level Cedar Trail Apartments’ sidewalk and make it look new again. If you have unlevel sidewalk at your home or business Poly Level can help you too! We are thankful we had the opportunity to improve this local housing providers sidewalk.

Shotcrete Saves a Crumbling Basement Wall in Elkhart, IN

A local Elkhart, IN homeowner, Chris W. had no idea who to turn to for help with his crumbling basement wall. He put up a plywood reinforcement to help stop the crumbling wall but even this didn’t seem to help, in fact the circumstance seemed to get worse.

Luckily, Chris saw our truck in his hometown and called us in search of professional guidance. We immediately sent an expert to his home and introduced the innovative solution of using Shotcrete to restructure his foundation wall at an affordable cost. Chris found our plan to be highly effective and decided to proceed on with executing it. The process of applying shotcrete is an advanced technology where concrete is applied as a spray, through a high-pressure hose and application nozzle. In the hands of our skilled team members, shotcrete was able to restructure Chris’s wall. Since our visit the days of having a crumbling wall are over. Our new friend can remain confident that his wall will be strong for countless years to come.

Lincoln, MI Crawl Space is Rid of Future Mold Problem

One of our customers called us about their crawlspace which was dirty and damp. They didn't know how to fix it so they wanted our professional help.  We gave them a free estimate and decided to install a combination of some of our fantastic products. We installed our SmartJack system which helps reinforce the floors above it so that they will never sag. The SmartJack is a support system used to stabilize and level the floor joists in a crawl space. This system can support up to 60,000 pounds. The SmartJack system is placed on strong concrete fillings that have replaced the soil in that small location underneath the SmartJack.

We also installed some Clean Space which is the perfect mold fighting technology that also improves the look of any crawlspace. CleanSpace is a 20 mil thick plastic liner that fits to the crawl space to completely seal the home from the earth. Polyester cord reinforcement allows for a lot of durability, to make it last longer than the home will. This liner also contains an antimicrobial additive to prevent mold. This liner was also combined with CleanSpace vent covers to insulate and seal the air out, so that the crawlspace is not affected by the outside environment. This will save the homeowner a lot of money on air conditioning and heating costs.

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